Closed Lids are better

Though the current on going love affair between Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan People’s Party is very nice and commendable and every body hopes that it goes on, but the trickling rifts within the rows of PPP are very disturbing and making the general public very perplexes and confused, and it would be in the benefit of everyone that the leadership of PPP resolve it as soon as possible.

Makhdoom Amin Fahim is the frontline leader of PPP and the public humiliation of in the last some days is not a very pretty scene. BY signing the historic agreement in Bhurban, Mr Asif Ali Zardari and Mr Nawaz Sharif has shown the world that Pakistanis leaders are capable of taking rational decisions and we have got spark and flair to deal with our own problems.

Now this Amin Fahim factor is providing a pale hope to establishment to tear apart the coalition which is newly formed and is going to form government in the near future.

PPP would do well to keep it’s strife hidden within the party, as it’s detrimental to the cause of democracy. Asif Ali Zardari must not succumb to the sycophants and he should resolve the matters with cool mind. People like Khawaja Asif from PML-N should also keep their lids closed.

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