CJ, WP, Nawaz, Bibi and the Wardi Deal

It should not come as a surprise to the onlookers (the so called spectator countries) about the status quo our beloved homeland. The year until now has brought numerous incidents to the public of what could be the extreme measures that a head of the state can take to safeguard his / her position.

Pondering over this period, there can be different theories that can be put to test. Sadly, most of them fail one after the other. The think tank behind all the activities is playing wisely or should we say has been playing wisely until sometime.

Considering the overall scenario in which the country is going through right now, one can argue why didn’t the CJ come into action when the younger sharif wanted to enter country. It could have been possible that if Sharif had been put into jail once again and put to some trial; it would have resulted in CJ intervening in the matter & getting him out of it. The hero could then have enjoyed the limelight of Pakistani politics once again. But the govt seems not to have take this risk. But still considering for a moment that CJ is still loyal to his profession and is not another pawn in the hands of the govt( who got played in the govt’s own CJ crisis game), why isnt he coming into action on deportation of Sharif.

Also the CJ is not seen coming into action against the red mosque issue. The potential issues are not being put forward and tried.

Coming to the Bibi part, who is deemed to have some sort of arrangement done with the govt, specially on the cases invoked by NAB against her and her husband (the 10 % man), the govt again is a bit mum on her matter. But will Bibi be able to create alliance with the much maverick party in the NWFP who are not willing at all to work under or with the govt of a female.
On the other hand Mushy seems to be playing another game. He dreams of getting elected the 2nd time round and thus have the liberty to step down from the military position. His advisory board thinks that the whole lot of Paki population is un-parh (very much in contradiction of Parha likha Punjab humara). Even in case he is not able to get the presidential post, he wont relinquish the COAS position. And in this case he will keep a strong vigil (read danda) on the so called puppet / elected president.

We need to faithfully and religiously pray for the betterment of our country and pray that ALLAH ALMIGHTY guide our heedless leaders to the right path of serving the country. (Aameen)

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