Civilians in Military Courts

Attorney General of Pakistan, Malik Qayyum is one of the most disliked person in Pakistan right now. His blatant support for the unconstitutional measures taken by government, and not giving any thought to the rights of the common Pakistanis has earned him this.

It is reported that an amendment is being made in the Army Act, through which civilians could be tried in the military courts, and then the people who would be involved in attacking the military or military installations will be tried in the army courts. Nobody can show any sympathy with the people who attack our armed forces and our sensitive installations. Army is ours, and its installations are ours. We, the civilians, sacrifice our earnings and luxuries to enable the army and its installations to go on. We cannot, simply support any attack on our installations. But civilians should be tried in the civilian courts.

Malik Qayyum has said that this change is related to the cases of missing people, and as the Supreme Court has been interfering in that affair, so to curb that trend, those people will be tried in the military courts, so to avoid any embarrassment and ambiguity. Does it mean that attorney general has no confidence over the civilian judiciary?

The reason nation is protesting against the emergency is that it curbs their basic human rights. After the promulgation of emergency there remains no chance of any human rights and government can do whatever it wants with anybody in the country. Army act only works where the people of armed forces are involved, and so it would be imprudent to involve any civilians in this act.

Would it be utter foolishness to request government to not make this amendment, and while we are at it, another naïve request is to please revoke the imposition of emergency in Pakistan.

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