Chachay Nay Wardi Utar De

Now what? Despite of having rain in many parts of the country after a long and dry season, what else Pakistan has got after Pervez Musharraf has shed his uniform? I was also wondering about all those jokes about Pervez Musharraf and the laying off of his beloved uniform.

I am a little shy when it comes to see anyone stripping, so I didn’t relish that specific ceremony, but I learn from the newspapers that the former Chief of Army Staff General (Retd.) Pervez Musharraf was sad, gloomy, glum and very much dejected at the occasion, and his voice was shaky. Was it that bad? Anyway, he is not your civilian President, and remember that even a dead elephant is worth a fortune. So don’t urge me to start yapping out posts upon posts in bliss and glee.

After suspending the constitution of Pakistan two times, spanking judiciary, freeing and banning the media, exiling politicians, he has now at last left the uniform, which was like a skin and shield to him, as he described it in his own words. He has also sworn in as a civilian President of Pakistan through his own appointed PCO-ed judiciary, and so his presidency is also a big and ugly question mark.

General (Retd.) Musharraf started his career in 1964 as second lieutenant in the army. He retired from Army after serving for 43 long years. He was born in 1943. When he was retired from Army yesterday, he was more than 64 years of age. On 7th October, 1998 he became Chief of Army Staff. He remained in that capacity for 9 years, one month and 22 days. It’s a “huge” achievement by him. After Myanmar, this achievement could only be achieved in Pakistan, I reckon.

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  1. Musharaf was far more wiser than Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and other leaders atleast has has a ability to talk in any international forum and with any world leader.Although he has made some negative decisions but on the whole had had done lot of positve things for the country. There was quite a lot of development works completed during his tenure and his governace was far better than dumb minded Sharif’s and Zardari.

  2. Musharraf is a drunkard bastard,though he claims to
    be one of so called Sayed,only claim,of course false
    such person cannot say any thing about their “orignality”
    for sure. Deeds not claims prove what he was,
    May Allah curse him and peiole loke him

  3. I agree he didnt make some wise decisions, ie the sacking of Judges etc. But you have to give him some credit he did help get rid of some of the debt. He made Pakistan look like UK. The roads are great, the security is more tighter. As far as im concerened @ least he didnt help himself to the budgts like other Presidents…

  4. “chacha ne wardi utaar dee but chacha khud kabb utrey ga”.
    Jabb se yeh mardaar chacha aaya hey Pakistan ke Asmaan par siyahi chaee hoee hey. Yah Beighairat kabb daffah ho ga.

    Kia yeh hamarey gunaho ki saza hey???

  5. Musharraf’s hold on things has been remarkable, especially in light of the “normal” amount of time one holds power in Pakistan before either being deposed, killed, or deposed and then killed.

    Ultimately, I suspect that his long-term effect on society in Pakistan won’t be nearly what Zia’s long-term effects have proven to be.


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