Care-taker Setup

After the dissolution of idiot yet dignified provincial and federal assemblies, Chairman Senate Mohammad Mian Soomro has taken oath as a care-taker Prime Minister along with his two-dozen care-taker cabinet. In the newly appointed care-taker cabinet, members belong to the PML-Q, the ruling party, People’s Party, and some political and non-political backgrounds.

After Moeen Qureshi and Shaukat Aziz, the third banker Mohammad Mian Soomro, who has now become the care-taker Prime Minister of Pakistan belongs to a renowned political family of Sindh Province of Pakistan. PM is the nephew of previous federal minister and speaker Elahi Buksh Soomro. His father Ahmad Mian Soomro was also the deputy speaker of West Pakistan and he was also an acceptable and amiable personality in his time, and so is the case with the non-stingy current care-taker Prime Minister.

Before taking care of the Prime Minister ship, Mohammad Mian Soomro was working as the chairman senate, and now with his appointment as PM as produced a very interesting conflicting situation. By the rule of law (But isn’t it suspended?), he is due to work as care-taker President due to his designation of Chairman Senate and not as Prime Minister, and now if in the next two months President goes out of country, both the designations of President and PM will be merged in the one personality which is against the constitution, but I reckon it wouldn’t be a problem in emergency, as nothing is.

As was expected, opposition has rejected the care-taker setup, but there some points are valid. Prime Minister Mohammad Mian Soomro became the senator and Chairman Senate due to his affiliation with the ruling party PML-Q, and now in his care-taker setup many of the ministers belong to the same party, which include Nisar Memon, Barrister Shahida Jamil, Abbass Sarfraz, Lala Nisar, and Salman Shah. Three of these ministers were also the part of the previous cabinet of Shaukat Aziz.

In this situation, when the care-taker government is heavily PML-Q-ish and emergency is here to stay, and opposition, lawyers, civil society is being arrested and tortured, and media is banned, and operations are going on; will elections bring any good? Wouldn’t they just be a waster of time and money and incredibility?

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