Can Sharif Do It?

If you were waiting to hear the news of a suicide bang during the welcome procession of Nawaz Sharif, than you are a wretched sadist like me. You and me could be condemned more, if they come to know that we are still wondering as why Benazir went into the safer portion of the bullet proof truck just before the explosions.

Nawaz Sharif’s sudden return has taken lots of people by surprise. Chaudhary Shujaat is so surprised and hurt that he hasn’t even mustered his guts yet to issue some sensible statement. Benazir has gone to Larkana for more brooding to hatch some real poisonous statement against the Pakistani nuclear assets, militants, Dr. Qadeer and military to make her not-so-interested godfathers in USA happy and conducive. In her frenzy, she has soured the deal between her and the Musharraf, and US is not that much happy over that, and by convincing Saudia Arabia to let Nawaz go, US has shown her and her ilk, that she is dispensable, which she thought she isn’t.

Generalissimo Pervez Musharraf is not at his own. He is now fighting for himself, and has clarified it to Chaudharies that now they have to earn their keep at their own too. Its now the game of ‘survival of the fittest’. Nawaz Sharif’s calm and cool tone is giving creeps to the Chaudharies and lots of lotas. Lotas are desperate to roll and wring, but still they are not finding a leeway. These chathas, Wattooes, Tawanas, Mazaris, Legharis, Chaudharies, sials, tarrarrs, sheikhs, haqs, and other chronicle waderas and Jagirdars have sensed the tide of change, and they are finding it much harder this time to find their niche.

Nawaz Sharif could do another nuclear explosion by not accepting these lotas. It would be his favour to this nation even bigger than all of his achievements. He has got the guts, and he has got the spine to sweep these lotas. He has also got a thorough support of the nation. He also doesn’t play cohorts with the West that snugly, and he isn’t that much of their darling. He understands the Pakistani sentiment, and he doesn’t want to handover Dr. Qadeer, and he doesn’t want to rollback the nuclear programme. He also doesn’t want to carpet bomb the insurgencies and he want to solve the matters with calculated force and mainly by the dialogues.

But can he do that?

3 thoughts on “Can Sharif Do It?”

  1. To be honest, I was half expecting such a blast and did not go watch Nawaz’ first address (which was a 5 minute walk from my home). I heard that the Saudi Govt. gifted him a bullet proof car but he refused to use it (don’t know if its true though).

  2. Fahd: thanks for alerting us to this well written post.

    PTH has posted a piece that discusses a larger malaise:

    “If all sections of the bourgeois opposition are conniving with the Musharraf regime and contemplating participating in the sham January 8 elections, it is because they all covet a slice of political power and the patronage prerogative that goes with it and fear that if they boycott the elections their rivals will benefit. Even more importantly, they all are terrified of a genuine popular mobilization against military rule, for they recognize that the military is the bulwark of their privileges—of the Pakistani nation-state and Pakistan’s vastly unequal property-relations. “

    More here:

  3. If Nawaz Sharif thinks free and fair elections are possible in presence of Musharraf (and his selected care-takers), he is living in Fool’s Paradise. Only resolution of the situation is to boycott elections until Musharraf gets lost, judges are released and political situation winded back to Nov. 3. Anything else will be considered as a deal.


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