Bush Outgoing Lies

As the power is changing hands in the world’s solo super power, it is becoming more apparent that the outgoing president has no remorse, while the incoming president is forgetting his promises of change and one by one showing his inability to resolve the issues, he once promised so vehemently.

Unpopular but unbowed, President George W. Bush defended his tumultuous two terms in a farewell address to the nation Thursday night, claiming a series of successes at home and aboard.

One piece of advice which Bush has so graciously bestowed upon the Barack Obama is that he must not take it easy and strike hard at the tribal region of Pakistan which is the flash point of terrorism right now. That and Bush has warned Obama of another imminent attack on the soil of United States from this region.

The tribal regions in northwest Pakistan have become a lot less welcoming to the al-Qaeda terrorist network and its allies. Even CIA Director Michael Hayden has said that Pakistan has done a lot and now things are improving in the FATA.

Bush must stop lying now.

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