Bush-Blair Band Reshaping the World – Humans not needed!

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair talked about his foreign policy on March 21, same day when US President George W. Bush delivered a speech on his foreign policy especially in context of rising insurgency in Iraq . Earlier, while giving his National Security Strategy 2006 on March 16, he said “The ideals that have inspired our history – freedom, democracy, and human dignity – are increasingly inspiring individuals and nations throughout the world. … We choose leadership over isolationism and the pursuit of free trade and open markets over protectionism. We choose to deal with challenges now rather than leaving them for future generations. We fight our enemies abroad instead of waiting for them to arrive in our country. We seek to shape the world, not merely be shaped by it; to influence events for the better instead of being at their mercy.”

Though, presently both the leaders are enjoying lowest ever ranking especially over Iraq issue but poll results have failed to influence, as it seems, them to alter their path and why shouldn’t? Both of them got re-elected inspite of low rankings during the elections, which indicates that both the leaders echo the voices of majority of their people.

Mr. Blair had a similar note to given when it came to his foreign policy. ‘Unless we articulate a common global policy based on common values, we risk chaos threatening our stability, economic and political, though letting extremism, conflict or injustice goes unchecked,” he says. Doesn’t he mean that the world must adopt Western values or get ready to be damned?

So does it mean majority of British and American People support domination over the World and if yes, then why? Its difficult to understand, why in the 21st century, couple of most developed and educated nations on earth are nourishing desire for colonialism – changing the whole world by any means, changing those who are happy in their homes, even if means forcing them to change by bombing and killing people!

The plan of action according to Mr. Blair against those who would resist would be “The consequences of this thesis is a policy of engagement not isolation, and one that is active not reactive.”
He also touched upon global poverty and injustice, which is root cause of rising feelings against west by saying, “I believe we will not ever get real support for the tough action that may well be essential to safeguard our way of life; unless we also attack global poverty and environmental degradation of injustice with equal vigour”. But he did not explain how he will eradicate poverty and provide justice when world’s wealth is getting squeezed in fewer hands due to globalization and policy of G8 countries and how would he provide justice when he likes to bomb those who are not with them as for the world now, there is no choice, Either you are with them or against them, so you would be bombed if you do not join Bush Blair Band.

Mr. Blair also claimed that Islamic extremism is result of Madrassa-nurtured ideology that is being exported around the world but he failed to talk about Muslims who are fighting against foreign occupation like Palestinians and Kashmiries.

Both Bush and Blair made synchronized speeches. Everything is clear for those who want to see.

Mission Objective: Only Western values or values of US/UK are to be forced on the world.

Plan of Action: Exporting western values by force.

Strategy: Bomb those who resist by branding them extremism/danger to the world.

Risk: Low ranking in polls, possible defeat in Elections.

Counter Strategy: Increase economic growth and prosperity by extracting resources from occupied territories. More funds for public spending!

So, if you disagree with Bush-Blair Doctrine, Badluck! You have no choice. You want to live peacefully, according to your own will, without joining any conflict, without joining with capitalists or communists? Sorry! Find another World, this one is conquered by Bush-Blair Band. Your country has natural resources! Bad! These are needed to fuel Uncle Sam’s economy, why on earth you were born in oil rich country? Your fault, now you need to be liberated if not done already. Wait for your turn. Democracy is coming to you, slowly and steadily.

World by Bush Blair, would need more Oil, Water, Energy, Oxygen, Money than humans.

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