Bus Service in the Capital

Would you believe that Pakistani capital has just started a transport bus service for its millions of citizens? Every capital of the world has a local transport system, because its the hub of the country. But Islamabad is one of those rare capitals which has no proper transport system for the public.

Right now hundreds of thousands of people travel in the wagons, which more look like coffins than the wagons. These wagons are moving hell samples. Their drivers and conductors are those criminals which have come to this profession, because they couldn’t find any bank or house to rob. Their attitude with all the commuters especially with ladies and senior citizen is extremely humiliating.

They charge the fair at their own will and they drive their hells as recklessly as possible. They make ladies sit on the front seat, which has a very very narrow distance from the driver seat, and then they play some loud and brash music. They fight with the passengers and they abused the students and children. They just pay 20 or 30 rupees to traffic seargent and own the road.

But now some virtuous soul has decided to run a local bus service in the capital. Couple of years back, there was a local bus service ‘Waran’ which was started by Uzma Gul, daughter of former ISI chief Hameed Gul, and it was considered as a boon by the citizens of twin cities; Rawalpindi and Islamabad. But wagon Mafia compelled that fine bus service towards closure and they again started abusing the locals.

Now once again a new bus service is on the horizon. Initially there would be 10 buses on selected routes, but their numbers will be increased rapidly on different routes. Now it would be a big deal, if the district government of capital manages to run this service smoothly and with quality.

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  1. thats odd really!!! i mean very disgusting that women,kids, and seniors have to endure this kind of cheap and humiliating behavior by morons, who have the brains of a prune.


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