Bringing Forward Faces of Flour Mills Owners

Will the government bring the faces of those culprits who are storing Flour for their own profits so at least people know who those people who are enemy to the people of Pakistan. By performing such an act as hoarding flour the basic necessity of life. When in countries like Africa where God takes away food from the people and the whole world reaches to provide free food to those people. Is their an Islamic law for such hoarders when the religion teaches to provide are those people God and who are these people will the government ever uncover their faces.

Everyday we see and hear news that this and that wrong is happening but ever has been an event of who are those people who are involved in performing that crime. The mills being confiscated by the government good but who are the owners of those mills will that ever be uncovered so people are more cautious and will try not to do business with such people and that effect of no business with them might reduce their crime rate. Involving other good business force who will not perform such criminal offence.

Such actions should be taken that those people may not do such crime effect putting a case on them does not solve the problem as the case will remain in the court as many pending cases and those people will keep on doing their criminal acts. Even if they are sitting in jail their businesses never get effected and keeps on flourishing with some other name such acts should be taken that should have a vast effect on promoting further business which might be a lesson for the others like them.

Pakistan and its people loudly talk about Islam but when events like paying your electricity bill and not placing kundas; hoarding of food comes do they forget Islam at that point. That’s why the sentence said by President Pervez Musharraf was quite well spoken in one of his speeches that “don’t talk about Islam we know how much Islam there is and how much not.” And such acts of crime do prove that; they are crimes of the religion too. May such people if not scared of the government be scared of God at least. Amen!

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