Borrowers Are Not The Choosers

Pakistan has a long history when it has always borrowed help, aid, ammunition as well as societal culture. All these aspects have contributed to diminish the legal and practical sovereignty of Pakistan as an independent state. This borrowing culture has brought in a dependable custom in the lives of each and every individual, be it a daily routine life or issues based on territorial integrity of Pakistan, the question of being a chooser has demolished.

Ayub Khan stated that: “foreign policy of Pakistan begun with India and ends with India”. This was the mind set we adopted after independence of the sub-continent when we always kept comparing our potentials and achievements with India. Today when India has learned to tackle its nation with the democratic norms, bringing new horizons in it economic developmental sectors we are left far behind. The dark event of 1971 did not brought any lessons for us. Pakistan did not succeed to get rid of the military galvanic ado from its politics. We were then the borrowers, we are today the same.

The most unfortunate notion for this nation remained that its dictoral regimes were the kings only within there nation and never for the super powers. These figures would have been laudable for the polity only if they could keep there words in a robust fashion. These dictators always have been dictated by those who strengthened there rule and favored them in return for there interests to be served. Zia ul Haq an Islamist General was imposed on this nation because it was the need of time for USA to counter the Godless communist with the forces of an Islamic ideological strength. And when the same Islamist forces became a threat for there interest, a moderate General with the vision of “enlightened moderation” was imposed on this nation again with inconclusive policies.

Time is short. The nation must be given an opportunity this time because our history has already witnessed the implications of a dictoral borrowing regime.

2 thoughts on “Borrowers Are Not The Choosers”

  1. The system given by Allah is perfect and is required to be followed as a whole. Allah has instructed that the followers of Islam should get in to Islam fully and not partially. The problem occurs when we accept only those parts of Islam that we like.

    If something is haram, whatever it maybe, and a person indulges in it considering it halal,then this will not stop his emaan from decreasing rapidly. If a person drinks alcohol and considers it halal will this stop his emaan from being destroyed?

    When a person commits a sin believing that a sin is being committed and feels regret and remorse in the heart, then this is far better then committing the sin and believing it to be halal. In the former situation, only one sin is being committed, and it is very likely that the individual may repent out of the remorse felt in the heart. In the latter case, however, in addition to the sin being committed, there is the greater sin of trying to justify it. Normally, such an individual does not receive the guidance to repent from his sin.

  2. The correct expression is “Beggars can’t be choosers”. And the Pakistani people have turned en masse into beggars, because the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto nationalized all education and the late Zia Ul Haque discouraged the learning of science. The result you can see on this blog. More people in Pakistan believe in black magic than any other nation in the world. You have writers warning you that you will fry in hell if you watch TV or listen to music. And as long as such people continue to dominate the country, we shall always be beggars.


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