Blunder of B-52

Thanks God, we just got deprived of yet another “Terrorist” attack in US. Some days ago an incident of unique kind happened in the United States, that not only surprised the world but also shocked it. I watched it on the electronic media of Pakistan, but then it got vanished, as it never existed.

A US B-52 fighter plane rose in air from North Dakota air base. Its destination was an air base in Louisiana. It flew for some three hours. Nothing unusual about it so far, but the luridly shocking news is that it was fully loaded with six nuclear cruise missiles. Plane carried on its flight over many states for hours without any worries in the world. A commander was dismissed over this blunder and investigation was ordered.

I am thanking God for two reasons. Both are prime. One is for the safety of a huge number of human beings in US, and other is for the safety of even more huge number of human beings in Muslim countries. As who knows, US would consider it a terrorist attack. I mean who knows?

This incident has got many dire dimensions. One of the biggest allegation of west upon Pakistan’s nuclear program is that it’s not in the professional and safe hands. US and then their pets Indians don’t get tired of touting that Pakistanis are not capable of protecting their nuclear weapons and Indians especially boast that there command and control system for nuclear assets is as safe as of US. Indian also try to exploit every forum to pressurize the Pakistanis over this issue. US has let down the Indians.

Now what about this un-precedented example of self-annihilation? Whose hands are safe and professional? Now US should think umpteenth times, before throwing same allegation over Pakistani authorities. Not only our nuclear program is of highest quality, but also its in the most safe, responsible and professional hands.

Now at least Indian should review its decision to make a nuclear pact of civil nuclear power with United States.

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