Blooming Lotacracy

The world has changed but the lotacracy and horse-trading in Pakistan is the same with the one difference is that lotas have gone way too expensive.

In the center the rate of one MNA lota is ranging from Rs. 6 crore to Rs. 8 crore, whereas in Punjab the rate of a specific lota is ranging from Rs. Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 3 crore. In Balochistan the rate of lota is ranging from Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 4 crore, while in Sindh the rate ranges from 1 crore to 1.5 crore. In NWFP the rate ranges from 4 crore to 5 crore.

The rates of lotas in NWFP assembly are the highest. The reason is war on terror. The stakes and rates are going higher and higher as the bidders are increasing and getting desperate by the minute. The party who forms government in this province would be directly dealing with the US and other authorities, and its crucial . The world is looking directly at this region.

That is why 15 members who have elected in independent capacity have formed a lota group, and they intend to swing in one direction and they intend to stick together to gain maximum booty.

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