Big Fan of Looter

I’m a big fan (6-3″ 245 lbs.) of extraordinary thieves. Just in a relentless awe of them. I cannot, for the life of me, simply restrain myself writing about them and the readers know it. So they (the readers, which means) are quite understandable when they expect me to join the Million March or Long March announced by Benazir Bhutto in the middle of November against the proclamation of emergency in the country.

The simple reason I don’t want to tag along Benazir is not that I don’t want to embarrass her; but the reason is that I want to keep on blogging and flaunting about looters, plunderers, dacoits, and thieves. I don’t want to get blown up in some controversial bang, about which people couldn’t decide that whether it was a suicide attack or a bomb explosion. I also don’t want to become the fodder for the Kursi Cannon of Benazir.

Funnily enough, after the imposition of sacred emergency, all the political leadership of opposition was arrested. All the lawyers and some judges were also sniped. All the human activists were also arrested by the police. All these protesters and potential protesters were also tortured and abused before the arrest. Only People’s Party was the chosen one, which didn’t receive any treatment, for the known reasons. Its leadership is still out there, and enjoying the emerging emergency.

Javed Hashmi was arrested before even uttering the word “Shame” and the lawyers were beaten before they had a chance to say ‘My Lord’. But there she is, “critically” analyzing the situation, and “condemning” the government, and announcing long marches and public protests and all types of gung-ho demonstrations without any restriction. That is why one has got to be a fan of her, and to continue her fanship one shouldn’t get too close to her.

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