Bias of Private Media Channels

Chief Justice has taken his breakfast. Now he has changed into his best of suits. Now he has smile towards his little nephew. Now he is reading the newspaper. Now he is watching the news at a renowned private cable channel. Now he is talking with someone at telephone. Now his driver has parked his car at the front door. Now he has come out with his lawyers. Now he has stepped in the car, now the driver has eased the car into the flow of traffic. Now at the third signal, a man has stopped the CJP’s vehicle and shook hands with him, followed by some slogans. Now CJP…………., Now CJP……., Now CJP,…….

President Musharraf has addressed the meeting and he has said this, that and this. Period.

How could we say that private media channels are being impartial and un-baised. They are holding thousands number of talk shows and commentaries over the CJPs routines, while whenever any government’s issue comes, their attitude becomes very cold and “professional”.

This would only restrain the government’s tolerance towards the precious freedom of media.

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