Benazir’s Book and Questions

Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West by Late Benazir Bhutto has been released and though it has failed to create the ripples one would have expected it to create, but it has asked many gaping and mysterious questions.

The book was written by assassinated Benazir Bhutto just two days before she was ruthlessly murdered in Liaqaut Bagh Rawalpindi, and she was aided by Washington political consultant and lobbyist Mark A. Siegel, her long-term friend and advisor.

The most burning question by the book reader comes across is that why not in the hell authorities or the PPP did anything when Benazir knew the mobile numbers and names of her assassins? She says in her book that a friendly Muslim government had given her the names and cellphone numbers of designated assassins, and then the question arises why they didn’t pursue it with vengeance?

“Gen Musharraf’s regime knew of the specific threats against me, including the names and numbers of those who planned to kill me. It also knew the names of others, including those in his own inner circle and in his party, who we believed were conspiring,” Ms Bhutto wrote in the book.

Now what is it? Was she trying to implicate General Musharraf in her murder, or was it just that she was trying to gain Western sympathies at that time and trying to pressurize government?

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  1. She was not a good prime minister, she looted the country twice, go to and type in benazir bhutto and see how and her husband stole $ 1.4 billion from pakistan, she also have money laundry cases against her in different countries. Why people want the same person again

    ” fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice Shame on me”.


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