Benazir Bhutto Marked a Change

She was an era of turmoil, controversies, glamour, hopes, disappointments, vigor, and liberalism. In 1988, she first time became the Prime Minister of Pakistan when she was barely 35, and didn’t really know the intricacies and blackened politics of Pakistan.

She, at that time had spent most of her time in United States and in England and wasn’t much aware of the culture, creed and the language of Pakistan. When she first stood at stage in Rawalpindi to address her first public rally, she was very awkward-looking glamorous young lady who ignited reverence among the millions. Her Urdu was terrible, but her ideas were striking at the hearts of the throngs. Her visage was reluctant but her expressions were convincing. Her attire was unsure, but her poise was immaculate as ever.

She carried on with her father’s legacy of emotional politics and outshone her brothers in that regard, which also generated many controversies and resentments among her family and the workers and some memories of which still haunt her legacy. But she really ruled the hearts of PPP workers and she earned high respect in the Western circles, who were in awe of her as how come she elected two times as a prime minister in a country which was supposed to be repressive, rigid and backward.

Despite of so many controversies like alleged corruption charges, Surrey Palace, Swiss accounts, Spanish and French property, 10-percent commissions by her husband, and some other accusations didn’t undermine her support in the die hard supporters of her Bhutto family. Her admiration in the common Pakistani hearts were very passionate in the start, then became ambivalent due to controversies, and it has once again sour to new heights after her tragic assassination.

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