Benazir Bhutto: Kursi Say Qabar Tuk

Strange place this world is. We all live like there is no end for us. We all strive so hard here just to get ourselves in the graves with bare hands. We all spend all our lives just to make the life better.

Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated on last Thursday in the ominous Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi remained the Prime Minister of Pakistan for two times, and both times she was ousted on the corruption charges. In her last time, her brother was murdered and his widow blamed Benazir and her husband Asif Ali Zardari for it. Nusrat Bhutto was also muzzled, as she was also reported to be thinking of coming to active politics.

With the brutal and spineless slaying of Benazir, all that talk about Swiss accounts, French and Spanish property, and not to forget the Surrey Palace has been ditched for now. It’s not appropriate to throw mud on the deceased, but its not equally appropriate to become blind with emotions and guilt.

Well, whatever happened on 27th December was something nobody could support. But we should equally remember the past. There is a great deal of lesson in it for our rulers, leaders, and king makers. All these wealth, power and pelf they have amassed will not help them, when the end comes. All these lush palaces, limos, protocols and greenbacks will remain here, while they will be buried under tons of mud.

After the three days of mourning, plundering, looting, arson, and killing life seems to be coming back to normal. People have started to resume their lives. I wonder what they are doing in interior Sindh after burning their own banks, utility stores, telephone exchanges, courts, and other infrastructure. Well miscreants did it? They came from Mars or were they from Israel or India? Let’s don’t deceive ourselves. It was we who burnt our own home, and it was we who plundered our own city, and burned it down just for the heck of it.

Do we deserve the reconstruction?

4 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto: Kursi Say Qabar Tuk”

  1. it’s a big tragedy that Benazir lost her life in a bomb blast – i do hav sympathies with kids who lost a mother – Zardari need no sympathy n possibly he wanted this way to grab power n complete property – they made billions when in power n hav property in UK, Switzerland n Spain – she never gave anything to poors in her two terms as Prime Minister n nothing was expected from her in future also – she gave her life in lust for power n now Zardari has a free hand = WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THEIR FALSE PROMISES – Never try a Tried one – may God bless Pakistan.

  2. Everyone is Blind they just think about this world about Wealth properties Girls and much much more.I have saw small teenagers childrens they also aware about sex and other things which makes us away from islam we are bling in girls in money in wealth only dont care whatever we have to do for this things.
    One Day Prophet Muhammad saws was sitting with Sahabas and was telling them A Time is coming when all Muslims will be in big problems and Troubles and they life was so bad stressed life The Sahabas Asked Prophet Muhammad saws Ya Rasul ul Allah That time The muslim will be very less in numbers Prophet Muhammad SAWS replied No they Will be MUCH MUCH MORE Then THE Sahabas asked If there will be more Muslims why it could be like this Prophet Muhammad saws told them They will Love Life This World And Fear From death. They will Disobey Allah All mighty orders.Thats what the reason is that why we are as we are following a True Religon why only We Muslims are in problems and Troubles SO Simply the Hadith Point us That we Forgot Allah We Disobey Allah We Love this world this life And we fear Death.

  3. In ancient Greece lived a king who employed a man to whisper into his ear, “Remember, thou art mortal” whenever the king lost his temper. This was the wise king’s way of ensuring that he remained just at all times. Our rulers forget that one day they will meet their Creator, and He will ask them to account for their crimes. Each of our prime ministers had a golden chance to change the direction of this country, and each of them enriched himself or herself, rather than doing something good for the country. BB was twice prime minister, but she never did anything to change the lot of the poor women of Pakistan. In fact, it was Musharraf who amended the anti-women Hadood Ordinance. Again, the media has shown the shocking poverty and illiteracy of her home province (Sindh). All the time she was prime minister, she spent her time fighting to retain her seat, and allowing her ministers (including her husband) to make billions. I hope our present and future leaders will learn from the mistakes she made.


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