Believe Them

The funny thing is that the most ardent support of democracy in the world America is apprehensive that with a democratic election in Pakistan will be a precursor for a dictatorship.

As right now there is no dictatorship in the country, huh? As there were never dictatorship in the country, huh? As US never supported the dictators for their interests, huh? Right now, as their war on terrorism is going nowhere, and the world is laughing at them, because like WMD, there is no Osama to be found, so as a last resort they are getting extremely edgy to get in the FATA area of Pakistan, and for that they are using every kind of pressure.

The idiots in the American newspapers and the morons in the Theory-Hatching department of Pentagon have touted it so much that they now themselves believe that Osama is hiding in that area of Pakistan. They are now cursing Bush for giving so much aid to Pakistan, and not getting pass to storm the FATA area. Now Bush is in a quandary, because he knows that there is nothing there but stones and snakes. I feel sympathy with Bush, not that heartfelt, but a sinister one. These days gonna comeback and haunt him for his life for sure, so the victims of Abu-Gharib and the rest of the world should console themselves a little.

US right now prefer dictator over the election, and they always have. World history of modern era proves it. United States also has a pressure-relief valve in the region – India. India has a lot more nukes, a much bigger army, and a much bigger army of Hindu fanatics fully supported by the state. They also do not like Muslims that much, and would love an excuse to go in and clean the place out – that is Pakistan- and they won’t be looking to win hearts and minds — just shoot them.

When someone says they want to kill you, you should believe them.

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  1. Why should the U.S. support elections when there is a danger of fundamentalists being elected? They don’t like Islamists, and if you were Bush, you would also do what he is doing. In Algeria and Palestine, the people elected conservatives, and look what happened. Since we don’t have any oil, we shall always be at the mercy of the superpower. As for the Indians, they have always had elected governments, and they know how to get the most out of the U.S. They don’t threaten to wipe off Israel from the map (as Ahmedinejad and Hamas do), nor do they criticize the U.S. Even where their nuclear agreement with the Americans is concerned, they are trying to persuade their communists to agree. While in Muslim countries, the kings and the dictators do what they think is right (which is usually against the national interest), without consulting their people. No wonder Muslims have been left behind!


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