Balochistan and the Deaf-Dumb Policy

Balochistan Burning

Let us scan through the priority list of our capable leadership in today’s circumstances:

– Reopening of Z.A.B case to remove a historical stain from our judicial system, while two weeks back they were seen on roads expressing their non-satisfaction on their verdict and actions.
– Claiming to have made remarkable performance in “war against terror”, courtesy Pakistan Army while driving 180 million helpless Pakistanis into an uncertain future.
– Claiming diplomatic triumph by becoming the closest ally of Americans, while they welcome their drones showering “Hell fire Missile” with disgrace and protest.
– Economy, security, progress destroyed all across Pakistan because of prevailing power crisis while after 3 years except a dubious rental power initiative, they have nothing to show.

Having said this, no wonder the issues mentioned above have been mishandled, but still they have been touched which is nothing short of a miracle.

I am forced to say this because the same democratic setup, under whose will only “Lord Knows” has totally forgotten a part of Pakistan we know as “Balochistan”, ironically the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area and blessed with unimaginable mineral wealth.

The policy of “Deaf & Dumb” is what I have termed it, and I am sure this is the same way our Baloch brothers see it. The fire in the said province is going out of control, and as a matter of fact some source claim that it has already surpassed the level of containment. Political forces have not disappointed, but rather destroyed Balochistan, whether you see boys sitting in Islamabad or Quetta.

Disappearance, spy game, extra judicial murders, ransom and lawlessness is what reigns in that forgotten land, and to top it all grievances against Pakistan is stock piling.

Recently, a brave initiative was undertaken by top line anchors, conducting series of programs on this issue. Though constructive, they were seen clueless as to why “delaying for a better day” is followed by the political forces, while the situation is fast turning from bad to worse. Boys in uniform, especially FC has remained in the “firing lane” on this issue, but its clear that where politics, dialogue and patience fail, they are introduced to flex the muscles.

Initiatives like Baloch rights legislation, reforms and restructuring has failed miserably, not because of its working but due to negligence and ill will behind it. Mr President and PM have entirely sidelined themselves from this issue, and I am sad to say that it seems that they have calculated that it’s a lost case, and their ignorance will save their name in history for not playing a part in this sad episode. Its alarming to see how our national anthem and flag has seized to exist in Balochistan, while at the same time ethnic cleansing of different nationality is at its peak. Corruption and criminal links is what all we hear about ruling assembly in Baluchistan, especially at a time when it is facing such a critical moment. Cases like Riko Diq have further eliminated any chances of winning back “hearts and mind” in Balochistan, and there is no future strategy on board to turn the things around.

Today’s Baloch nationalist movement are playing in the hand of foreign operatives, and one cannot deny this fact but before this, it shouldn’t be forgotten that they have been exploited, neglected and isolated so much that they have chosen the extreme path of, insurgency and terrorism.

Of course we are not living in a “world of morality”, where your foe will close door on an opportunity of manhandling you, and unfortunately for Pakistan there is abundance of actors outside, waiting for a chance like this. Like on many issues, Americans are taking Baluchistan as a bargain tool to settle the issues in Afghanistan, and so on.

Gwadar is also a prime example of government stance of pushing Balochistan to the wall. After conducting a cabinet meeting some years back, no one has heard from this strategic project, which is also believed to be the central objective of this game. While our neighbors have linked Afghanistan and Central Asia to Chahbahar port (Iran), Gwadar the deepest sea port still awaits government resolve to start its operations. Isn’t it criminal to sideline a project like this which can change the entire dynamics of the region?? Of course not in the respectful encyclopedia of Pakistan politics.

Time and tide wait for none, and its especially true for this above mentioned case. Due rights must be extended to our Baloch brothers, and to say honestly we have to go an extra mile in order to settle them. Stake holders sitting in Afghanistan, Geneva and London must be taken into confidence and brought back to their land, as this stance of them is helping none of the party. A road map for the lifting of “unseen emergency” must be given, once politically all forces have been engaged.

Balochistan is nothing less than the heart of Pakistan, and we love every Baloch brother of ours. If they have grievances, so is the soul sitting in Punjab, KPK and Sindh as well. Our forefathers have collectively fought for the cause of Pakistan, and for that no one can suppress or sideline any part or ethnic group of Pakistan.

Sitting in Punjab, I get calls from my friend in Karachi saying we don’t  have any “cng load shedding issue”, I do get annoyed but not from Pakistan, rather from the people assigned the duty of governing this land. We have collectively survived against every odd faced from outside, because internally we have been a single entity, and any thought of going against it gives me nightmare, and a thought that how unjust we have been to this land so pure.

Image: Murad Ali Shah [Flickr]

4 thoughts on “Balochistan and the Deaf-Dumb Policy”

  1. The government of Pakistan seems to be particularly deaf and dumb
    regarding CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement, which
    seems extremely hypocritical in view of recent American complaints
    about Pakistan not pulling its weight in the war on terror.

    The Pentagon/CIA make no secret of their desire to see energy and mineral rich Balochistan secede from Pakistan to become a US client state – just like the energy and mineral rich former Soviet republics Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

    I blog about this at “Our CIA freedom fighters in Pakistan”

  2. Nicely written, I really feel bad about what is happening with our
    Baloch Brothers, all I pray for is a better Government to take over
    the stupid corrupt Government of this time.


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