Pakistan, Tolerance in our Society

Pakistani society, like all other societies, is made up of diverse people and groups. For example, on the basis of religion or faith, Pakistani society is composed of the following groups: 1. Very religious people 2. Religious but flexible in their thinking and behaviour 3. Religious but just pay lip … Read more

How Can We Get Rid of Our Feudal Lords?

Save me from the Feudal of Pakistan

Feudal lords were created by the “Gora Sab“, the British rulers. I will not call these landlord groups the real culprits, or blood suckers, because there is a history behind giving them powers by the British rulers, that’s the way they were ruling the people and collecting the land revenue … Read more

Pakistan, a Great Nation-State of Talented People

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan is a great “Nation-State”, it has phenomenal potential, great people, great talent, great resources, great rivers, high mountains, sunshine, four seasons, great agricultural land, great wealth of natural resources, great strategic location, great Air Force and Army, and great friend like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE and other … Read more