Aunty Culture

Aunty Shamim’s matter is not just a singular and unique happening. Though I dont agree with Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid attitude towards the things, but I am totally in sync with them that community should itself rise to curb issues like these. But not in the way Lal Masjid did it. Community should warn, and in case of non-complaince, capture and hand such aunties and uncles to law enforcement agencies.

Aunties like Shamim have spread all over the country. This menace is spreading fast. Every city and town have some notorious Aunties. Their mobile numbers are on every tongue, and their stories have become a legend.

These aunties have some very powerful contacts. Aunties are very active and shrewd animals. They know how to conduct such business. In the business area, first they serve the big names to ensure shelter and then open up their business to public.

It has become a very lucrative business. Easy money. The whole business is conducted on the mobile phones and you get what you want at your home, hotel or guest house, or in some cases at Aunty’s place.

But, as our religious roots are, the aunty culture is yet to become a mainstream evil. Due to lack of check and balance upon these aunties, there numbers are growing, and the restlessness and anger in common citizen is also rising. The situation is becoming alarmingly dangerous.

If this trend remain continuous, clashes like Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa will become common occurance, as if government is not doing enough to eradicate these evils, people will themselves stamp out these immoral disgusting bones.

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  1. we cant face off from the thing which we have in reality poverty,is the big cos of prostitution so aunty,girls every thing is true but responsible is governament unstable gov,we have when ever we will get the gov that we want then every thing will be finished.we are muslims and we proud od three one four,nine three nine three one zero four

  2. I totally agree with MB. But i want to say that root of Military and Mullahism is Military itself. Zia ul Haq was the man who spread this Mullahism. Why? to service Islam? No. to get handsome money from USA. Another Military dictator, Busharraf came with idea of Moderate Islam (in his point of view Islam was not moderate before he become Army General). He tried to reverse what Zia ul Haq did. But it could not happen. As a result wide spread violence occurred.
    So this is wicked Army who is responsible for all this.

  3. in response to madiha, “Army is not that corrupted as people think” you’re as naive as people say you are….thanks.

  4. Reference to article Aunty shunty, I just want to say that i don’t agree totally to the writer. No. 1 is that there is an issue regarding aunty Shamim. No. 2 is that Army has not created any evil design. These are the Mullahs who have created a great disturbance in the society. They outwardly want Islamic sharah but in reality they don’t even have any knowledge what the Sharah really is neither the way how to implement it.
    So they are the main reason of disturbance. I think first our Mulahs should clear their heads and opinions. Army is not that corrupted as people think.

  5. There is no Aunty Shunty issue. Those retards consider every Muslim women as a prostitute if she is not in burqa.

    Our problems are poverty, education,corruption,health,law & order etc. not this crap morality issue.

    Since when our women or men before 70’s were immoral?

    Its all military + mullah evil design to not let pakistan progress.

    We desperately need a revolution to throw these two out of the country who even had no role in Pakistan’s formation. Their alliance is what keeping Pakistan degrade. They have plundered enough our land and resources on the name of religion and security.


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