Attendance in Benazir’s Welcome

Before 18th October; T.V. hosts, anchorpersons, political bigwigs and other clowns were busy in the guess-game of how much people will gather to welcome Benazir Bhutto. After 18th October, the game is to guess who much exactly gathered there. The number of people gathered there, depend upon the fact that at which side do you belong.

If you are from People’s Party, then it was 30 million. If you belong to MQM, it was 5 lac; if you belong to PML-Q then it was almost 30,000. International media, and the locals of Karachi, estimate that the number of people were somewhere in between 90,000 and 100,000, and this number includes the onlookers, security personal and pedestrians.

One hell of money was spent over this welcome. People where hauled in from the south of Punjab and from Interior Sindh. It is reported that Makhdooms, Waders, and other lords ordered their haris to attend the welcome, and gave them Rs. 1,000 each and also enticed them with the promise of showing the Karachi city, and free meals.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who is the president of People’s Party Punjab, was handed over the task of gathering people from Punjab. He did his job brilliantly and dexterity. He called a meeting, in which local PPPP leaders of all the divisions of Punjab were present, and he said that BB wanted to give tickets to those members, who would bring maximum people from their constituency, and then he told them that he would take a roll call at Rahim Yar Khan of every procession, before one day of the welcome.

So Jiyalas from all over the Punjab reached at Rahim Yar Khan, and tried to please Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who was himself present at Chowk Bahadur Pur of Rahim Yar Khan entering the data of all the processions in the register. The register contained information like who came when, and brought how many vehicles and estimated people. There were numerous fights which broke between Jiyalas over meals and Sharbats, but then the supply of meal was ample.

Who know, may be the suicide bombers also would have present at such chowks, enjoying the free meals and Sharbats from PPP, and chuckling to him self. Such people are really very sadistic and they shouldn’t be even blogged about.

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  1. fahd:

    – ask the surviving family members of the over 136 dead about the numbers

    – ask those seriously injured about those numbers

    do they really care about those numbers?

    one chairperson for life in her zeal to get away with corruption and money laundering charges and obsessed with gaining power at any cost could not care if hundreds of poor families suffer as long as she is afforded airconditioned security and can ride roughshod over corpses

    she should be charged in an FIR for causing their deaths


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