Its been sixty years we have been eating fruits of freedom, but mentally we are still slaves of the West. Neither we have any of our own policy, nor we have any sort of broadcasting programs which truly reflect our religion and society. Pakistan Television, despite of its bored, bland and state-shaded policies, have been remained like a member of a family. But due to enlightened moderation, it has become very hard now to sit in front of it with the whole family, though I enjoy it in private, frankly speaking.

Brute force Implementation of enlightened moderation has made a real farce of Pakistan Television. Its primary reason is that there is no direct link between this state-institution and the common public. It no longer gives any importance to the public sentiment and mood and just busy in sychophanting rulers. Some handful want to enforce their “broad-minded mini skirt” ideas upon the nation through this outfit.

The range, PTV covers is huge, and if it wanted it could educate the nation and could spearhead the media revolution in this information age. Once the drama of PTV held so much power, it could close down the markets, offices and schools and even the roads of neighbouring country became lonesome at the beginnning of PTV dramas. But now its hard to watch these dramas with family, but PTV is still trying to compete with the western culture, and it looks highly funny when our desi actors try to speak Urdu in English wearing western clothes.

PTV’s greatest signal of change is its Khabarnama, the news bulleton. First the duppatta of newscaster regressed to the back of head, then it came to shoulders, and now it has disappeared. wow. Male newscasters look like hell wearnign suits and their suffering and uncomfort could be sense clearly. Imagine CNN newscasters reading news wearning Shalwar Kameez.

PTV should represent Pakistan, not West. Why the MD of PTV doest think about it? Why he doesnt get remorseful over the fact that once PTV had an golden era, when people’s aim of life was to watch PTV programmes like fiftyfifty, Khabarnama at 9, and many many dramas?

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