And The Show Must Go On!

Year 2007 was a year of paramount significance for Pakistan. Beginning with judicial controversies and then entering into lawyers movement against Musharraf proved that people today in Pakistan are fully aware of there civil as well as judicial rights and can enable a dictoral regime reconsider its illegitimate decisions. Therefore November 3rd would always be quoted as one of the draconian chapters of Pakistan’s history. It was then that the judicial pillar was targeted and soon was completely paralyzed.

The Year also witnessed some of unlike Musharraf altitude towards the political parties. A deal or understanding was observed between PPP and Musharraf and ended with December 27th turbulent event. On the other hand the year was also full of infestations when the same regime ignored the judicial decision and deported Nawaz Sharif from the airport. Amendments in 1973 constitutions were also part of this year’s mega event. General Musharraf doffed his uniform and became a civilian president with the help of constitutional amendments increasing his powers and prolonging his rule further for five years.

Introducing National reconciliation ordinance, Musharraf re-electing himself the president, security lapse resulting in maximum number of suicide attempts, Pakistan being termed as “most dangerous part of the world”, introducing new Swat where militants had come up with a new ideology in the ideological state of Pakistan to restore a new Islam, similar many more were the events which darkened the pages where history of Pakistan would be written.

On the economic side the government claims that year 2007 has made a scalable increase in the income of individuals. The government did forget to mention that income has increased but not the purchasing power of money which keeps diminishing each day. This can be observed by a simple example that smallest denomination of our currency cannot buy a single necessity of life. It is not festive to conclude that the theatrical year of 2007 was echoed by presidential slogan that the show must go on!

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