An Operation on Lahore?

President Pervez Musharraf, our tinpot dictator and the the spoiler of the game has dismissed speculation that he was going to resign and said that the people has to suffer from such news and Lahore is the centre of these speculations. So do we have an operation on our hands in Lahore to stop this axis of evil?

Whatever one says, there was a jubilant expectations in the air, when people heard about this truth-like rumor, and even people started to buy the sweets and have started to once again making plans to live in this country, which has been rendered hapless through the choking rule of Musharraf all these years.

Rashid Qureshi and Tariq Aziz were ill at ease with these rumors, and they were first to puncture this dream. We were hoping that the plane from Chaklala would leave for Turkey or anywhere else with the Musharraf and family, and we would be able to take a sigh of relief, but then a telephone call came from the master in Washginton, the Bush the junior, and the myth busted.

But I have got a gut feeling that this myth would turn into reality very soon. Call me an optimist.

1 thought on “An Operation on Lahore?”

  1. The word naive seems small to describe the optimism of the F. Mirza. Though the intention is very right, but the way Mirza hopes that ouster of Musharraf will solve all the problems. Musharraf has simply compounded the problems the destitute of this country are faced with, but he is the root casue. Pakistan from the very beginning fell into wrong hands and that is where all the problems and social eveils have started to root out and today have taken the shape of a gigantic tree, whose uprooting needs a lot of determination, strenght and character. These three characteristics are an extincted commodity in our society. Mriza should have realized that one call from Washington has changed the whole evolving scenario within minutes, will you still talk aboout Pakistan being a soverign state. Nawaz Sharif, Zardi, late Benazir Bhutto and rest of the leaders are and were slaves of America. Don’t you think that this coalition government can get rid of Musharraf within no time if desire so, instead what they are doing is to politicize the issue and earn the sympathies of people (rind ka rind raha, jannat bhi haath sa sa na gae) so it is all facade and farcical.


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