All Guns Drawn At Nawaz Sharif

Chaudharies of Gujarat are clueless. They dont know what to do. They are clearly seeing the end of their dirty politics, and so is the case with the likes of Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Faisal Saleh Hayat and Aftab Sherpao.

All these people know that nobody is willing to own them or adopt them. Even President Musharraf seems to be running out of love for them, and as the Army has disconnected itself from the fray of political trickery, and establishment has gone precariously weak, these lotas and thugs are in quandary as what to do.

They have directed all of their guns towards Nawaz Sharif. From Sindh Altaf Hussain’s terrorists are threatening Nawaz Sharif and inflaming him with the ridiculous allegations with respect to the charter of democracy, in which all the leaders honestly declared MQM a terrorist outfit.

From NWFP, AftabSherpao is spewing venom. Jam Yousuf, from his slumber, also utters a word or two in the direction of Lahore, and in the Punjab Chaudharies are ever present to cash in on any chance to thrash at the leadership of PML-N.

They perhaps think that by eliminating Nawaz Sharif they would be able to once again get their hold on PML.

3 thoughts on “All Guns Drawn At Nawaz Sharif”

  1. Nawaz shariff and Imran khan are the best politician’s we can get from Pakistan. I don’t claim they are all good, they have some drawbacks as well, but they are better than other. And if I am not forgetting, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said let a small loss take place to prevent a bigger loss. So I pray for Nawaz and Imran that they may succeed, and really hate Qatil league and MQM. and Inshallah soon they will be wiped out and I pray that people of karachi get to know the true face of mqm.


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