Aitzaz fuels up the movement

Aitzaz Ahsan, the president of supreme court bar association has called on for a black week from 9th March to 16th March. He has also warned about the long march, in case judiciary isn’t restored.

Aitzaz Ahsan is surely giving lots of creeps and apprehensions to the top leadership of Pakistan People’s Party, and the interesting thing is that he rallies outside with PPP’s flag flanked by him, and he then goes on to warn his own leaders to restore the judiciary. Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairman of PPP has publicly said that he was not sure if that was a correct idea to release judges as soon as they come to power, and it will ensue a new ordeal.

The thing is that an independent and free judiciary is not a luxury. It is not the question of any reluctance and apprehensions, and Zardari must understand that nation has given his party a mandate to reinstate the judiciary without any delay and without any hanky-panky.

It is absolutely essential for the democracy and is this institute gets stronger and free, many things will become resolved automatically for the new regime.

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