Aitzaz Controversy

Many people are thrashing Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Bar Association Mr. Aitzaz Ahasan over his controversial statement in Karachi, in which he suggested to lawyers that they should forget the gory incident of May 12, 2007 in which almost 50 people of Pakistan died when Aitzaz, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary and many others came to Karachi.

On the black day of May 12, 2007 as per figures submitted in court by the officials, 50 lay dead, 234 were injured, 110 vehicles burnt, four properties destroyed, and the offices of the AAJ TV came under sustained armed attack lasting many hours.

While addressing members of the Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA). Aitzaz Ahsan said the city of Karachi needed peace and prosperity and must not suffer tragic incidents like that, and we should move forward and in order to do that we should forget the mayhem of 12th May.

Aitzaz has also been critcized by the PPP parliamentarians and senators for his role in the lawyers movement in contrast to the cautious policies of PPP. Senator Latif Khosa and Senator Babar Awan of PPP are the most vocal opponent of Aitzaz Ahsan within the party and they think that Aitzaz is playing his own game, and wants to hijack the party from outside.

Aitzaz is pursuing a very noble cause and he must be cautious in making his statements and following his actions.

2 thoughts on “Aitzaz Controversy”

  1. Mr. Aitzaaz Ahsan, mocked the 1997 Supreme Court judges for reinstating Nawaz Sharif, suggesting that their ‘lordships’ had been swayed by the glitter of his gold – chamak.

    This group is a protest group against Aitizaz Ahsan false claim against the special PCO ordinances I & II.

    The Man’s understanding of democracy is: after having lost his election in 1997. He sneaked into Parliament via the Senate’s backdoor…. making a mockery of the people’s will … the cornerstone of democracy.
    Then he became leader of the opposition in the Senate in place of the absconding BB & became the leader the opposition in parliament!

    Today ‘Mr. Democracy’ is calling for a boycott of all PCO Judges. Would the gentleman like to clarify which PCO he means? Musharraf’s first or the second?

    He wants an independent judiciary. Yardstick of independence? Those who took oath under Musharraf’s first great PCO.

    Last but not the least he is released state secrets to Raw and had hundres of khalistan sikhs mascared.

    The man is dirt and should be sent to India: which he glorify’s.

  2. Whoever is responsible for the killings on 12 May 2007 will never be punished. The killers have the sympathy of the people who voted for them. And if they’re asked to join the government (which is inevitable), they will demand that the events of 12 May be forgotten.


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