Aitezaz Incarceration

I am astounded as why in the world state is incarcerating, Aitezaz Ahsan, who is also the President of Supreme Court Bar Association? What purpose it is serving? It’s badly denting the whatever esteem of government, and it’s tarnishing the Pakistani image. Even President Musharraf had to face many tough questions in Davos on this issue.

Today, the 90 day house arrest of Aitezaz Ahsan ended, and he tried to go to Zaman Park, which is just next to his home, but Police didn’t allow him to do so. Aitezaz managed to break the circle of Police for a while, when dozens of civil society activist and lawyers came forward and took him in their arms. The scene was really moving as Aitezaz was lashing at the Police and lawyers were chanting slogans in the favour of independent judiciary.

It’s time that PCO-ed judges step forward and do something in this regard, as the incarceration of Aitezaz and Deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and other judges is black spot on the face of Pakistani justice system.

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