Afghan Dacoits

Every year, right before the Eid and in Eid days, dacoities and robberies increase in all the major cities of Pakistan. Robbers become so fearless, they start breaking into the houses in broad day light, and they rule in the nights of Ramadan and Eid, whereas police remains busy in collecting “Eidi”.

Most of these robbers are Afghan nationals, who are plundering the nation from both hands. General Zia, allowed them to come Pakistan in early eighties, and the nation welcomed them with the open hands and big hearts. Poor Pakistani nation did everything they could for the Afghani brothers and sisters, and even allowed them to live and do business in their cities. Very soon, Afghanis controlled the transportation and restaurant business throughout Pakistan. Along with that they introduced, flourished and controlled smuggling of narcotics and arms in Pakistan. They brought in the Kalashnikov culture in Pakistan, and they were the ones who controlled child prostitution and other curses.

Police statistics show that most of the robberies, hold-ups, murders, rapes, thefts, break-ins and looting are carried out by Afghanis. Though officially Government of Pakistan has asked them to leave, they are still very much present in our society. Every now and then, government registers Afghan national present in Pakistan, give them some money, and send them back to their country, and after a week these tardy nationals come back to once again sucking Pakistan’s blood.

To add insult to injury, Afghan government never stop lashing at Pakistan. Karzai, the clown, never gets tired of promoting love with Indians, and once he reaches New Delhi and is buttered a little, he starts trouncing Pakistan, and even threats Pakistan of great consequences.

It’s time we civil society standup and force Afghans to go back to their country and forgive Pakistan. We have enough of them, and we don’t want them anymore. If they are so fond of maintaining their parasitic status, we should push them in India, and then we would see how their Indian friends treat them.

Oh, “The Muslim Brotherhood”? We have been deceived by that buzzword for almost 30 years, and now Afghans should show some “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Dignity” and get the hell out of here.

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  1. Well, muslim britherhood a very naive idea and quite naive thinking. What brother hood did we show to the afghani, we destroyed thier nation, we made it a battle ground for the capatilist west to beat the socialist east. Especially the big brother of pakistan got the maximum out of it, how many dollars paid by the west to Pakistan were used in building and strenghtening our big brother. You shall not expect any favor from those people, whose homeland were rocked by the bombs we sent. U cant expect any good from them coz we were the one to support taliban, who made thier life miserable. Karzai you say is a clown what exactly u think is the difference in mussaraf and karzai both dance to the US tunes, he is clown but this man musarraf is a baboon is nt it at least karzai doznt sell his own nationals for dollars.


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