Accept it — Judiciary won’t be restored

I think some how many of us have accepted this very notion that the government is not going to restore chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry anyway. This time it is not a mere statement that justice delayed is justice denied but rather a naked and unfortunate truth. I mean how can we actually accept it that the government will reinstate the judiciary to November 2nd position. You see Zardari has unresolved issues that where under carpeted by Musharraf in a deal for Musharraf safe exit. How can anyone open the look for a lion even if he is not hungry?

Neither we are so lucky to have sincere and loyal government nor do people like Zardari can change. Ops I made a mistake. I meant to say they do change their status from co-chair person to president but not their values or code of conduct.

But who knows what might happen the next moment. So I will suggest that keep it up lawyers. We will also judge the government by its stance that will the government accept calling year 2009 an year of “young lawyer” or not.

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