Absurd Lotas

The loathsome absurdities of Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi, the defeated head of PML-Quisling, the party of Pervez Musharraf, are palpable.

They say that they have won the popular vote of Pakistan. Now what is the hell this popular vote is? They say that they are present in all the four provinces. If I were PML-Q I would better not present in that fashion, and I would have preferred quitting the fray, and as they say that the most-insulted letter in Pakistan is Q, which now stands for Quit.

Chaudhary Shujaat is now looking towards the ladies of PML-Q and has formed a very formidable duo of Sumaira Malik and Kashmala Tariq. Nilofer Bakhtiar is perhaps there main target, and we are in for a nice and interesting bursts of fights, after all these years.

That view of PML-Q may account for some of subsequent troubles for the lotas, but if you know lotas they are very thick skinned and are very resilient to the insults and rebukes. For in recent generations, despite the immense growth of awareness levels in all the Pakistanis no matter where they live, the psyche of lotas has received too little attention in the society.

Lotas are found everywhere in Pakistan, and according to the population proportions they are mainly found in Punjab, and right now they are headed by chaudhadies brothers, but now there throne is challenged as Manzoor Wattoo has also joined the fray.

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