Abaya as Dress code for Female Staff at Dubai Bank Justifiable?

I have already written about the modus operandi of Islamic banks, so I will not get repetitive about how they work. Taking advantage of a person’s situation is a heinous sin and a crime, and Islamic banks do that to perfection. What I want to talk about here is the new dress code imposed on the female staff at the Dubai bank.

This is wrong for a number of reasons. To begin with, people are forced to look Islamic. This means that the first thing that has been done by these so called Islamic banks is blatant deception. A woman who may wear a miniskirt and a skimpy top will now be sitting in an Islamic bank covered from head to toe. What is the reason for this? To deceive customers. Oh look, we are so Islamic!

If they are so concerned about religiousness, why don’t they hire women who wear the abaya habitually? No, they want to hire sexy women and then they will force them to wear the abaya.

Some women who don’t wear an abaya themselves have agreed that forcing female staff to wear an abaya is a correct decision. Talk about hypocrisy!

It is all about money. Do Islamic banks care about people? If they do, why do they charge so much more than conventional banks? This so called dress code is just another propaganda to enhance business.

Also, if there is a dress code for female staff, why isn’t there a dress code for males? How about, any male who works in an Islamic bank must have a fist length beard, and must wear a white kurta?

If these banks are so Islamic, why have they hired non-Muslim females? And why are they also forced to wear the abaya?

What’s coming up next? Dress code for customers?

18 thoughts on “Abaya as Dress code for Female Staff at Dubai Bank Justifiable?”

  1. Abaya is awesome dress code and i think every muslim country should apply this rule. We dnt want to look sexy and attract male at offices. Every female want respect and abaya is perefect dress code.

  2. @ Carolina: according to Yusha, it’s “haram” (forbidden, a heinous sin) for a man to look at any woman, beautiful or ugly. Maybe he belongs to that Arab tribe discovered a couple of years ago where men cannot look at the faces of their wives and sisters.

  3. Oh come on Hussaini… the UK employs Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist bankers. All religions. They cope fine. They learn and understand the ideologies behind our banking system and are very successful at it. There’s no reason why non-Muslims can’t do the same if given the chance.

    As for women having to wear Islamic dress. I agree with Yusha… if it compulsory for women then why not men too? Surely the way to combat sexual harassment is to tell men it’s not acceptable and give women a way to report it and have it redressed rather than just making her look unattractive? A man should be able to look at a beautiful woman and not assualt her, gentlemen and anybody saying that is not possible is doing men a disservice.

  4. @ Saleem: no European country has completely banned the scarf or burkha. France has banned it in government departments, while in Turkey (a Muslim country), hijab is banned in schools/colleges, armed forces, government departments, etc.

  5. Well in European Countries if they can ban Scarf and Islamic dress why shouldn’t Muslims force them to look Islamic or wear those scarf and Abaya in Islamic Countries.. Its up to them if they have to work they should obey as what they say.

  6. @Faraz and Mr Gilani: A woman can cover herself completely with regular clothing. An abaya is used as a dress code because it is Islamic, in which case there should be an Islamic dress code for men too. Just goes on to show the disgusting mentality of Islamic banks.


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