A Divided Nation… An Uncertain Future

The spell of miseries is hard from over, unfortunately for nation Pakistan. It seems that unlike climate change, we have been engulfed by a season of misfortunes. They say that “time and tide wait for none”, and with Pakistan this phrase fits the best, sadly. The continuous bombardment in its territory, from top drones raining hell fire missiles and on ground misguided suicide attackers have devasted the very existence of an attribute, known as life in its people. This campaign of brutality has shaken the very foundation where this nation stands, and with every passing minute quake are rattling it more and more.

shahbaz bhattiIn terms of tide, the small group of mislead jihadis, extremist or precisely hired mercenaries have overshadowed all the values 180 million Pakistanis had, and the label of “problem child” is shining on our forehead, bright like never before. The boundaries have been drawn, between those who want to live like human, carrying the flag of civilized from those who have made one thing clear……… our way or the highway.

This mislead group has every cover over itself, from Punjabi Taliban to Asian tiger, TTP to Al Qaeda offshoot, whatever they call themselves……… they are no holy warriors nor they have anything to qualify them as human. Murdering Shahbaz Bhatti have again exposed their agenda, of spreading their wing through fear and terror, silencing every voice which is sensible and chopping the head of those who dare to raise it.

This situation or rightly put, catastrophe has not developed over night. This whole debate of blasphemy law and its amendment is nearly 5 month old, but ignorance and appeasement has brought it to a verge where it has become not only bloody, but rather terrifying. Where the scholars hold the authority to decide it, this matter has been very carefully handed over to the unseen forces, who have gone on a rampage in the heart of Pakistan, Islamabad. Even an ordinary Muslim knows that debate relating to religious matters and queries is always part of the religion, and in the past we have great examples of respected scholars getting their wisdom on table to solve different issues.

Allah knows why this time around, they all have decided to keep mum while blood is spilled on this issue every alternate day. May be they are not wrong, I mean they have seen how govt defended the scholars who sided with them on the issue of suicide attacks, atleast most of them had suicide attackers waiting for them very next day. Instead, till now the government should have conducted a grand meeting of mufti’s, not only from Pakistan but across the globe to make this matter clear. They have behaved in the same manner in which Ostrich is seen during a sand storm, hiding its neck under the sand to avoid seeing the approaching challenge, eye in eye. Slowly but very tactfully, outside forces combined with inside mislead have formed an alliance which has every thing, we human (Pakistanis) don’t have. On the peaks of Swat they were seen beheading defence less natives and security personnel, in places filled with life they have torn humans into pieces with their suicidal campaign, and where reforms are needed they have silenced every soul with their AK-47… right where our state power originates.

Time has run out, but not entirely. The government is totally to blame for it, after the mislead few carrying out these operation. Their silence has truly killed, their appeasement has really hurt. Every now and then when time has come, devoted ulema have come to the rescue of the nation. I pray that as soon as possible, they realize their role and help this nation in pain, or else we will have ashes which will be blown by wind…… you and me wont be here to see.

Long Live Pakistan……

2 thoughts on “A Divided Nation… An Uncertain Future”

  1. Since we left Islam to mullahs’, we handed our nationhood to arrogant and ignorant bunch. We ourselves took the easy way out. Instead of learning by ourselves we rely on mullahs’to tell us. Most of us would never realise that these mullahs are propogating a religion which has nothing to do with Islam.

    This recent killing of Gov. Taseer and Minister Bhatti proves that these cults ae so strong with many followers will do anything to protect their false idols.

    What can we do now? Each and everyone needs to study Quran and verfy wat we hear from mullahs and s called scholars.


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