9th March to Emergency

Let’s glance over at the highlights of what happened from 9th March, 2007 when President General Musharraf made Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary non-functional, to the date when at last emergency was imposed throughout the country.

10th March to 12th March: Lawyers staged demonstrations throughout the country, and called for strike.

26th March: Tear gas, and baton charge was applied upon the strike of lawyers and politicians.

5th to 6th May: Caravan of Chief Justice reached Lahore from Islamabad by road, and he was greeted unprecedentedly everywhere.

12th to 13th May: MQM displayed a familiar face of terrorism in Karachi to stop CJP coming in Karachi. 43 people were killed on the roads.

3rd to 10th July: Lal Masjid Operation occurred, in which thousands of people died, it made the whole country sad and gloomy and still the pain is there.

20th July: Chief Justice was reinstated by the Supreme Court and all the allegations against him were revoked. Same day, Benazir and Musharraf met in Abu Dhabi to finalize the deal with the blessing of America.

9th August: A very strong rumor regarding emergency was reverberated across the country, and even some of the big shots of government even ratified it, but then allegedly upon American pressure, it wasn’t imposed after all.

23rd August: Supreme Court allowed Mian Nawaz Sharif to come back Pakistan, and also SC directed government to not to interfere in the return of Nawaz Sharif.

10th September: Government sent Nawaz Sharif packing to Jeddah after four hours of his arrival against the decision of Supreme Court.

18th September: Lawyers of General Musharraf ensured that president would shed his uniform after becoming President.

28th September: Court ruled that President Musharraf can contest the Presidential elections within the uniform, but the results couldn’t be announced officially till the final decision.

29th September: Police tortured lawyers and media in front of election commission building.

30th September: Opposition challenged the candidacy of President Musharraf as President.
6th October: President Musharraf once again elected as President of Pakistan with 57% votes.

18th October: Benazir returned to Pakistan as a result of deal with General Musharraf, and in her welcome rally, some 140 people died and 500 wounded in a dual suicide attack.

31st October: Benazir went to Dubai for two days amidst the rumors of emergency.

1st November: Supreme Court said that it wasn’t afraid of the threats of emergency or Martial Law.

3rd November: President Musharraf promulgated emergency, at last.

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