Yemen Crisis Report: Updates on Operation Decisive Storm as United Arab Military pound the Houthis

The civil war in Yemen has escalated into a full fledged regional war. The uprising of Zaidi Shia Houthi rebels against Sunni president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who took reigns as a transient president after the ouster of the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, has pushed the country to the brink. As the ground situation turned from bad to worse, Hadi was evacuated by the Saudis and Saudi Arabia, along with its Arab allies, waged a war on the Houthis.

The Houthis are from Yemen’s northwest and are religiously Zaidi, an offshoot of mainstream Shia. Zaidis are concentrated in the north, while southern Yemen is largely Sunni.

The Houthis have been able to achieve so many victories against Yemen’s military in mainly because the transitional government is very weak due to decades of oppression and corruption by the dictator Saleh. However, analysts, see a strong support from Iran who is always eager to engage archrival Saudi Arabia in another proxy war.

yemen territorial control

Houthis are concentrating along the Bab el-Mandeb, the straights at the opening of the Red Sea and one of the world’s crucial oil chokepoints. According to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) fact-sheet on global oil chokepoints, 3.8 million barrels of oil and “refined petroleum products” passed through the Bab el-Mandeb each day on its way to Europe, Asia, and the US, making it the world’s 4th-busiest chokepoint.

oil infrastructure in yemen

Image: Business Insider

The straight controls access to multiple oil terminals and to a oil pipeline co-owned by state companies from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar that transits oil between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, called the Suez-Mediterranean or SUMED pipeline.

Houthis takeover of this strategic location has obviously worried Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.

Operation Decisive Storm: Who is joining Saudi Arabia’s war against Houthi rebels of Yemen

CNN published a map of Saudi allies in Operation Decisive Storm, showing 15 jets from Pakistan.

operation decisive storm yemen allies

Later Pakistan was taken out of the coalition map. No apology on false inclusion.

saudi allies in operation decisive storm

Image: CNN

Yemen: the proxy war

iran vs saudi arabia in yemen
Image: The Economist

Yemen war spills into Saudi Arabia

According to some unconfirmed reports, military groups allegedly labelled as Houthi rebels are spilling into Saudi side of the border.

Pakistan’s role in Yemen war and the consequences

Are we going in, or not?

.. the consequences of Pakistan’ participation in Yemen war

Pakistanis stuck in Yemen

Government of Pakistan is still looking into how to evacuate Pakistanis stuck in Yemen.

PIA planes are on standby. Government plans to move 500 people in convoy of 12 buses.

How other countries are evacuating their citizens from Yemen

Indian government is planning to evacuate 3,700-odd Indians in Yemen via Djibouti — on the southern side of Gulf of Aden — in the light of absence of airstrips in the war-torn nation. [Indiaexpress]

Aftermath of Yemen war

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