A year after Army Public School Peshawar Massacre

Pakistan “celebrated” first anniversary of Army Public School massacre that left more than 170 people dead, including 140 children.

As in the case of other national disasters, we have not learned any lessons from one of the largest acts of terrorism on Pakistani soil. In fact, when a nation refuse to learn any lesson from the events that led to division of the country – incidentally fall of Dhaka happened on December 16th, same date of APS attack, it can’t learn from anything.

So, the day was taken as a golden opportunity by the media to increase ratings…

GEO News People in APS uniform

.. businesses offered some nice APS discounts,

chenone aps sale

.. the liberal brigade did their confused combination of vigil with dua,

.. one tv channel was unfazed by the melodrama and continued with it’s usual bollywood stuff,

For records, Army Public School massacre was not the first incident where children were killed in an act of terror. In October 30, 2006, a CIA drone hit a seminary in Bajaur Agency killing 80 Pakistani civilians including 69 children. As they were not killed in an Army school, no one remember them.

So, what lessons have been learnt from the attack on Army Public School? One apparent lesson is to close schools at every whim.

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