Why Don’t Rich Indians Do Charity?

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Indian cricketers are multi-millionaires owing to endorsement deals and IPL contracts. However, has anyone every read that Indian cricketers did charity? Indian actors and actresses demand crores per film, and yet what have they ever done for the poor?

With over 80% of the Indian population struggling for food, why are actors and cricketers turned into heroes. One Indian cricketer is even labeled God, while it is common to see poor Indians worshiping pictures of Indian actors and actresses. Why such honor for such selfish people?

Even Indian businessmen don’t do anything for the welfare of the poor. While one Indian businessman will break the Guinness world record for the highest amount spent on his daughters wedding, he will not spend another paisa on another’s daughter.

Doing charity is common in Western countries. From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, to even the common rich person, everyone does charity, or his/her wealth is taken in taxes to be evenly distributed. However, in India, even the average rich person is miserly and stingy. And I do not target India alone. The case is the same in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

The reason I am bringing India in the spotlight is because there are more rich people in India than other developing countries, there is more poverty in India than other developing countries, and people in India revere cricketers and filmstars more than anyone in the world.

Let’s say Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh had won the cricket World Cup, They would also be showered with unnecessary money by the government that should have been spent on the poor, and not one cricketer would spend one paisa on the poor. All of it would have been spent on parties, luxuries, buying new cars, and mansions and villas.

Two people, one Indian and one Pakistani, recently committed suicide. The Pakistani could not bear his team’s loss while a Tendulkar fan hung himself. (I doubt the fan knew about Tendulkar’s 40 crores that he has earned in 2011 alone). I am not sure how many others from both countries have also committed suicide without the news surfacing.

Below is the video of a Pakistani man’s suicide.

It isn’t just the fans who are crazy. While the Indian government is showering enormous amounts on cricketers in a poverty stricken country, education funds are also being raided for Indian cricketers.

Before you finish reading, make sure to read about what Yuvraj Singh has to say about his fans. Here are a couple of comments in response to Yuvraj Singh’s statement, from Times of India:

Mister Yuvaraj Singh, Because of this cricket crazy fans of India you cricketers are superstars and enjoy the same adulation of movie stars. Imagine if they have the sportmanship and take the win or loose equally, you would be treated as one of the hockey players though they too played for India with whole heart. Corporate bigwigs are behind you not because of sportmanship you show, but because the crazy cricket fans of India. You are indepted to this cricket crazy fans for your life. – Suresh

Yuvraj you have lack of sportmenship thats why you talk like this after the world cup. Why u did not say it before world cup ? coz u need support from fans ???? – Nick

3 Responses to Why Don’t Rich Indians Do Charity?

  1. PG February 14, 2017 at 4:33 pm #

    Sri Lankans do lot of charity . Even the famouse cricketers do so much for charity . Not like the indian cricketers . All corporates in Sri Lanka does charity as a must do as they feel they have a responsibility towards the community . So don’t say Sri Lankans don’t do charity . I think every Indians should think about the millions of fellow poor Indians .

  2. Mohammad Yusha April 14, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    @Tayab: An average person cannot do charity because he is struggling to provide for his family. Even the financially well-off of have to save money for their children’s university education. At most, a person can donate a few hundred, or a few thousand rupees. However, the filthy rich, who can really make a difference, and who (for some reason) enjoy Godly status, are busy spending crores on villas, mansions, weddings, numerous cars, etc, while the poor rot to death.

  3. tayab April 14, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    This is the root of our own problems that we love to pint fingers at others and we forge ourselvs. The imptan tng is how I am living my own life,am I giving charity, Do I go out of my way to help others?. Let themlive the way they like. Dont be blinded by others, make a difference, we just need to change ourselves.

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