Who will be next?

First it was Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and now Justice Chuadhry

Seems like Pakistan Army is becoming the law enforcement agency. Laws, which are made not in lieu of the constitution of the country but the benefit of God knows who.

Will this country ever have heroes not thrown from the throne that they are placed at? Is army the only force which has no corruption inside and no corrupted officials? Will our country always be under the rule of Army? Doesn’t this country of mass population has a single person in politics who can rule the country?? (or the public is unable to choose the right man)?)

It’s not that I’m against Mushi’s rule. But yes there are certain things that I cannot justify. Why is it when anyone gains popularity, the officials (Army specially) realize that the person is misfit and should be dismissed. Further more the dismissal carries a long list of accuses and the person is confined from all sort of public appearances.

This has been happening in all eras of Army rule. For last 60 years the poor public has been witnessing the downs of people who made a reputation. Let’s see who will be the next target.


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