Where democracy kills!!

Undoubtedly the Red Shirt, one of the strongest progressive bonding in Thailand created history yesterday by reminding their so called democratic executives their task in a unique way….. they assembled themselves outside the PM house, ,nearly 30,000 in number and flooded the gates of the building with blood… just to remind them that when people’s representative become arrogant, ignorant and un accountable… they are no different than the fictional “Lord Dracula” of Romania !!!

Back in his era he was only sucking the blood out of his adverseries vein, but when people’s representative assume this role their massacre also involve future of masses, their expectations and their well being!!!

The Thai protest was unique as the blood never came from animal slaughter, but it waz extracted from the members of the Red Shirts, signifying that unpopular policies drains human blood and not only the verbal wrath!!!

Lets get back to our own land where every day our hopes are shattered as if they are nothing more than unwanted pieces of glass…. where our degree is nothing unless a note of recomendation written by some high up, where you can die on your way to hospital as the honourable VVIP has to pass unhindered, where no one will question where the sugar disappeared but all the PM can enforce is that we should use one rather than two tea spoons of it, where the executives of a nuclear state cannot question the voilation of predators inside there territory but are bent on begging for this obselete technology….. an entire thesis can be written on the miseries faced by a common Pakistani but why should one raise his voice on this democratic murder??? Haven’t we heard them saying that let us complete our 5 year term unquestioned???….. where the merit of governance becomes this…. what can a common man expect!!!

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  1. @Ammar: Good point, and I’m glad you reminded me of it. We have in the US quite a few “watch” groups–“congressional watch,” “health-watch,” “this-watch” and “that-watch,” all of which really do contribute to transparency, awareness of developing problems in society, and do help keep people in positions of power honest. Meetings behind closed doors can’t be observed, of course, moment-to-moment, but an alert populace that has its own best interests at heart can do a lot to serve itself by paying close attention to what leadership is up to. I quite want to believe that leadership likes it, too, partly for the guidance, and especially when they get a pat on the back for doing something really good, which they do from time to time.

    There’s an ancient Latin conundrum–*Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?* , meaning “Who guards the guardians?” It seems to me that the answer can only be “everyone.” “Everyone,” of course, has the guardians massively outnumbered, but courage is required to face down tyranny. Only courage sets you free.

  2. From : Syed Mohammad Husain- Mississauga , Canada.

    > It is the realisation that in the last 50 years we have gradually sunk to the lowest of the low . Any body who can leave the country is leaving , we have been reduced to beg and promote Zulm , corruption and the fudual culture in the country . It is dog eat dog . But we pretend to be the holier than thou.
    > It is an elitist culture , the gap between haves and have not is ever widening .
    > If we do not change , then the change may be very voilent .
    > What we need is a cultural change , and to build check and balance , top down .

  3. @James! I agree participatory democracy is the eventual milestone, however till that point we have to make the elected representatives realize that they are being watched by vigilant citizens. Like you have said we can write letters but there is no guarantee that they are being read or not. As citizens our accountability does not come on the electoral day only! We must ensure that absolute transparency is carried out in development programs.

  4. It doesn’t appear that the red-shirts, who represent the grass-roots masses in Thailand, are getting any results worth the name from the yellow-shirt “ruling cadre,” who will probably need to be forced to share the national cookie jar. Appeals to reason and fairness, and patient self-restraint–which the red-shirts have shown in astonishing measure– do not work with those who are blind and deaf to reason, totally self-centered and only understand the direct application of force.

    @Ammar: So far, even in the US, there is little way for the populace to control elected officials after they’re in office, except by communication access to their websites; anyone can write his representative, but no can know if they’re reading the letters or tallying their opinions. I would find great favor in a system in which any citizen could vote on any day on any issue they cared about, or raise new ones, largely eliminating the freedom of centralized government to abuse public trust. Computer technology could make this possible, but getting rid of greedy, power-hungry people willing to cheat in centralized governments will be the biggest challenge.

    Elected officials aren’t rulers; they are “hired help,” subject to firing. Royalty and rulers are a thing of the past, and good riddance.

    A very bad sign, by my lights, is someone who dresses too well, has every hair in place, and hands immaculately clean–a sure sign they have no intention of doing any honest work.

  5. Democracy does not mean an unchecked rule for the said term! The elected representatives are responsible for their actions and they are answerable to the masses for their progress. It is the task of civil society, workers to question upon the transparency in every affair of state business. Be it the process of privatization or the allocation of aid money. Such accountability is needed for ensuring good governance.


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