What if Khalistan wins a war against the U.S.?

This is something I heard or read years ago (probably in a book by Khushwant Singh). According to this story, the Sikhs finally achieve their goal of an independent Khalistan. But in just six months, they have messed everything up and the country is on the verge of collapse. So the President of Khalistan (Charia Singh) calls a meeting and asks for suggestions to tide over the crisis. The Prime Minister (Buddhoo Singh) says, “Your Highness, I have noticed that every time a country fights a war with the mighty U.S. and loses, the U.S. helps the country to rebuild itself, and this is why Japan and Germany are great economic powers today. All we have to do is to declare war upon the superpower (perhaps sink a couple of their ships in the Arabian Sea), they will bomb our cities, and we shall surrender. And then, with all that U.S. aid, Khalistan will become a rich country.”

The President didn’t respond enthusiastically, so the Prime Minister asked him, “Highness, what’s the matter? What are you thinking?” The President replied, “Your plan is very good, but what happens if the U.S. loses and we win?”

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  1. Khushwant Singh can hardly be called a Sikh.He’s a drunkard and womaniser.

    He was the one who hid in the Swedish embassy to save himself from Congress and hindutva mobs in 1984 and is now licking the feet of the same people and is trying to amuse those very people with his foolish jokes in hindustan times.

    His son Rahul Singh(who by the way is not turbaned) so he again is not a true Sikh,was beaten up by 1984 anti Sikh genocide victims outside the studio of NDTV India when he favoured the congress.

    These people have lost all self respect and anyone without respect can hardly be called a Sikh.

  2. Raaj bina nahi dharam chale hain,
    Dharam bina sab dale male hain…-Guru Gobind Singh
    Guru Gobind Himself told us to go out and achieve Khalistan. we should not let these indians run all over us they will ruin our religion. we need Khalistan. Khalistan will better represent sikhs in a positive way than india has.
    yes and Khaistan was here before under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and that was the best economic and peaceful period of punjab. under a sikh empire.
    Khalistan is not a religious frantic, because guru gobind singh fought for khalistan. is he a franic? Banda Singh Bahadur & Maharrja Ranjit Singh? Are They Religious Frantics??


  3. when the british came to india they uled every city expect punjab. the punjab was the last place to be conqured, it took 2 wars of 7 battles. the british lost the first war, and luckily won the second. at the time Maha Raja Ranjit Singh was the king of punjab. He understood all religions and openly showed his respects and hence was able to make all religious communities in india happy. sikhism belives in Equality, Truth, Justice, Freedom for all humans regardless of religion race or gender. at the time Hari singh nalwa was the leader of the sikh army. Despites the fact sikhs made less than 0.2% of indias population sikhs enforced equality and practice of ethical behaviour in punjab.- (this was the only time muslims sikhs hindus christians buddist lived hapily together) and all only 300 years ago!
    sikhs have been known for their martial skills and only bown down to their holy book and weapons. sikhs respect weapons.
    if the sikhs had defeated the british, the world might have been a more ethical place to live in.
    A very popular nineteenth century British newspaper, Tit-Bits, made a comparative analysis of great generals of the world and arrived at the following conclusion:

    Some people might think that Napoleon was a great General. Some might name Marshall Hendenburgh, Lord Kitchener, General Karobzey or Duke of Wellington etc. And some going further might say Halaku Khan, Genghis Khan, Changez Khan, Richard or Allaudin etc. But let me tell you that in the North of India a General of the name of Hari Singh Nalwa of the Sikhs prevailed. Had he lived longer and had the sources and artillery of the British, he would have conquered most of Asia and Europe….”

  4. Every major religion has its own country except Sikhs.
    So Sikh’s country ‘Khalistan’ will be established oneday by Guru’s grace..

    Raaj bina nahi dharam chale hain,
    Dharam bina sab dale male hain…-Guru Gobind Singh

    -A true Sikh

  5. I think Khushwant Singh being an intellectual and a very well versed man has wrapped up alot in narrations of this book. its something like “animal kingdom” got to look at it in global perspective.

  6. Not every sikh supports khalistan. I don’t. all it is political and lies. They say that they are innocent but what about the flight bombings. they organised that and they killed sikhs in that flight and they blame the govt. Ironically the indian military corps consists of sikhs. And the pujab regiments did the best against the Pakistanis, chineese etc. why creating a seperate nation. “Guru Nanak Ji wanted it” right. sure.

  7. People who wish for khalisthan are not real sikhs they are religious fanatics and should not be called Sikhs…

    therefore this joke is not offensive to a real sikh coz its making fun of the kalisthan fanatics…

  8. Although the joke is funny but I wouldn’t laugh because it kind of makes fun of the Sikhs. I don’t like to be stereotyped so I will not join stereotyping the sikhs.

    Allahu Akbar.

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