Web 2.0 and Microsoft

Microsoft is still one of the top leader in IT market. Google and Apple and the Open Source gaining ground rapidly, but they have got a long way to go, before they will moosh Miscrosoft out of business, or at least make it to its parallel.

Now its almost three decades, Microsoft is occupying the center stage of operating systems, databases and utility software. It has expanded itself in many areas like web search, gaming, mobile etc.

According to Don Dodge of Microsoft Emerging Business Team,”Microsoft competes in desktop operating systems, server operating systems, databases, and development tools. Oh yes, I almost forgot, Microsoft has a multi-billion dollar Xbox gaming business, a multi-billion dollar MSN content and search business, a multi-billion dollar CRM and ERP business, and nearly a billion dollar business in Windows Mobile for wireless devices.”

Though from a monetary point of view, and the slew of products in disparate areas, Microsoft is a giant, but its quality of products has got a big red question mark pasted upon them. One of Microsoft’s Achilles’ heel remain the security. Over the years worms, viruses and other security threats have harmed the Microsoft reputation a lot.

Now rapidly emerging web services by Google and the new platform of AJAX has posed a new and very much serious threat to Microsoft’s monopoly. Microsoft already lags behind in the web search area and holds only 10% of the whole market, which isn’t as spectacular as it should be. Though, XMLHTTPREQUEST object, which is the building block of AJAX was introduced by Miscrosoft for its Outlook product, but Miscrosoft failed to see beyond it, and that is still slashing it quite badly.

Its yet to see what Microsoft does to beat or overtake AJAX. One thing is clear that they cannot sue it, or patent it, or buy it. They have to fight it.

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