Wah G Wah, Wah Cantt

Some eight or nine years back, When I was doing my Masters, I used to come back to my city Wah Cantt from Rawalpindi with a friend. After a tiresome journey, which literally shooked us from head to toe, as soon as we saw the boundaries of our city, my friend uttered these refreshing and festive words, “Wah G Wah, Wah Cantt”. People who have come to Wah, know what I am talking about. The clean roads, lush green grassy patches, dense pockets of trees, flowers lined up along the roads, proper traffic control and patterend housing is in sharp contrast to other cities. The difference becomes more tangible when someone comes into Wah from the outside.

“Wah G Wah, Wah Cantt”, got hit with so much popularity in our friend’s circle, we started raising it as a slogan, whenever some thing good happened to us. Some even started saying it as an expression of surprise, shock, exaggerated happiness, and mock exasperation.

Besides of the aesthetic nature of Wah Cantt, it boasts the 100% literacy rate in Pakistan. After Singapore, its has got the most literate population in any one city in Asia. You will find good schools at the corner of every street. Roads are littered with acadamies, centers and other institutes offering gems of education. Though mushrooming of educational institutes is no doubt becoming an education diaherria, the over all situation is not so bad. There remains atleast much semblance of quality of education.

Other major attraction is the historical importance of Wah Cantt. It is sorrunded by the ruins of Gandhara Civilization, Mughal architecture and gardens and much more. In some future posts, I will also be covering these places in detail, Insh-Allah.

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  1. hii..i had once a friend in pof model school.her name is sana shahid.we used to have a same school bus point.i just knw she is in wah medical college these days .how can i contact her.my email is

  2. hello friends , i born in wah cantt . now in dubai working in dubai metro railways project as a consultant engineer. i love my beautifull city wah cantt . i study from sir syed college wah cantt.

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  4. Does Wah Cantt have a telephone directory service? I had a friend studying with me from London who has since moved to Wah Cantt and I am unable to locate. I am getting married next year and would like to invite the person.


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