Un-announced and Announced Load Shedding

Despite of the vocal announcement by Chairman Wapda Tariq Hamid of two-hour load shedding throughout the country, un-announced power outages are on the rise. The life has become hell and the tempers of people are also rising like hell. Breathing has become a burden and simple routines like eating, bathing and praying have become so hard,  its even hard to exaplain. Men are suffering in anguish, ladies are cursing, childern are weeping, toddlers are screaming, patients are dying, students are dreading their failure, shop-keepers are biting their nails, customers are rushing, but the top brass is enjoying in air-conditioned vehicles and rooms.

New buzzword by the authorities “Load Management” may sound sweet to World Bank, IMF or power companies, its like a stinging curse to the people of this developing country. Some wise brain has come up with the idea of shutting down the markets at 8, but who guarantees that then the power wont go after the two hour load shedding? Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and all the other big, small, very small cities, towns and villages are englufed by this dark and hot monster of load shedding.

But, please for a while, take a little pause in cursing WAPDA and think for a moment, are we playing our part in saving the energy. Dont say to me that, start from the top echelons, they wont listen. Whatever has to be done is to be done by us. So are we doing enough to conserve power? In the summer, the application of fans, air-conditioners, air-coolers go on peak and so is the usage of electricity, but atleast we could show some restrain in using ACs, and use them when its absolutely necessary, and please dont forget to switch off that light in bathroom when its empty and that fan in the drawing room, when the guests are gone.

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