Turnout Remains Low

As was expected the turnout is low as the polling is progressing in the country. In the urban areas of Sindh and Punjab the polling is active and the voter turnout is increasing steadily, while in the rural areas of both these provinces, the voters are already divided on the biradari lines, and they will first have a meal in the village and then would come with full protocol to cast their votes for the meal-owner.

From Balochistan and Punjab, the reports are that the sparring violence is breaking at areas. For example the situation is tense in Naseerabaad, Jaffarabad area, while the quetta remains also gloomy. Qila Saif ullah, pishin and Qallat division are also very much apprehensive and BLA has threatened the voters.

In NWFP, things are also mixed, as the voter in the tribal areas, swat and kohat is terrified and is unwilling to come out, where as in many areas of NWFP, the talibans have threatened women to not to come out and poll their votes, and that is ridiculous.

All in all the voting is peaceful, and the voter turn out is expected to increase as the day progress, it is unexpected to improve dramatically.

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