Unending Torture And Human Rights Abuse At Guantanamo Bay Prison

close guantanamo bay

Imagine your father, brother, or son locked up illegally in a prison, handcuffed, given food you would not feed dogs, your face shoved in a bucket full of feces, beaten daily with rods, whipped with cables and chains, facing complete isolation, accused of being a terrorist with no trail or charges, with no hope of justice.

A prison where the torture techniques are endless, some too horrible to even describe, where you are not only abused and tortured but also sodomized. A prison where your cell is boiling hot, and the only A/C is in the room occupied with military dogs.

U.S. President Barack Obama has repeatedly promised that he would shut down the prison in Cuba, a prison operating since 2002, but to no avail. His lies are endless, as Guantanamo Bay prison is still functional today, where facing abuse and torture has become a way of life for many detainees. All the torture techniques are sanctioned by the U.S. government.

The detainees face agony and excruciating pain everyday of their lives, while the U.S. government earns dollars from human suffering.

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