Lauren Booth: Sister-in-law of Tony Blair converts to Islam

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, has converted to Islam. She had decided to become a Muslim after her visit to the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom, Iran. She converted immediately on her return to Britain.

On the Daily Mail, she is quoted saying, “I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy.

I always felt that the Ummah (Muslim community) is a very loving, peaceful place and I am proud to be a member of it.

Now I don’t eat pork and I read the Holy Quran every day. I also haven’t had a drink in 45 days, the longest period in 25 years. The strange thing is that since I decided to convert I haven’t wanted to touch alcohol, and I was someone who craved a glass of wine or two at the end of a day.”

Refusing to discount the possibility that she might wear a burqa, she said, “Who knows where my spiritual journey will take me?”


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