The Controversy Of Sex Education By Dawood Public School Karachi

Dawood Public School Sex Education

Dawood Public School, a renowned girls school in Karachi, came into news when Daily Ummat published a story about the school having a Science textbook in its curriculum containing sex education.

After the case of Al-Umer Foundation School and the demise of Yaqeen Educational Foundation in Karachi some serious steps by the government and education department should have been taken but it looks that all efforts of journalists and media are ending in smoke as another educational crisis hits Karachi.

Later it was known that such controversial stuff was also included in classes 6 and 7. When students of the school and Parents protested against teaching ‘sex education’ and ‘family planning’ to immature minds of students, the management expelled students of Class 6 and 7 namely Alina Salman, Maheen Salman, Rabia Merchant and Aisha Merchant.

On Wednesday, parents of expelled students protested against the expulsion and immoral course material at the school which quickly gathered media attention. In reaction to which the management shut down the main doors and allegedly did not allow the students to go home. However, parents forcefully opened the doors, after which the school administration rusticated many students from the school. CEO of Dawood Public School Ms. Sabrina Dawood reportedly misbehaved with the parents and after the protest she left the school.

Sabrina Dawood.jpgDawood Public School started to get modern and enlightened since Sabrina Dawood joined as CEO (fancy having a CEO in a School). A graduate from University College London with MSc in Medical Anthropology and qualified with a BA in Anthropology and Law from the London School of Economics, Ms Dawood took intiatives to “liberalize” the school, accommodating more than 1500 girls.

Starting with a protest rally against swat girl flogging and a concert of Zaib and Hanya, Dawood Publich School had recently made it mandatory for girls to have guitar lessons and even ordered them to purchase the instruments.

dawood public school parents protest

Dawood Public School is teaching foreign syllabus using international books to children. The controversial material is from science book 5A published by Marshall Cavendish. The book of class 7th ‘Science Matters volume B’ contains diagrammatic representation of reproductive process in animals including human and information about safe and secure sex and birth control methods.

According to School Principal Mrs Waqar the controversial matter in the books are stapled and not being taught adding that the book, in which the ‘objectionable’ chapters were included, was being used by many other schools. However, the book mentioned in the newspaper is not listed in official curriculum listed at school’s web site (check science book for grade 5)

The view of school administration regarding the course material was published in Daily Times, August 07:

“We should be progressive. We are not providing sex education rather it is basic biology taught all over the world in elementary classes, “The reproduction process is something natural and children should learn it,” the administration argued. “Children are like scientists and they want to learn about things happening around them. Science provides them with answers so there is no wrong in it,” the school administration added, defending the inclusion of the chapter. “Of course we are tense as some elements are bad mouthing us and giving us a bad name,” the administration said.

In the same news report Sindh Assembly member Humera Alwani, who is also a member of Special Inspection Committee on Education, endorses the opinion. “Children should learn about natural processes, adding that the government supports the inclusion of such topics in the curriculum. We cannot leave our children in darkness any more,” said Alvani while vowing that the government would not let anyone come in the way of providing modern education to the masses”

Commenting on the incident, Naveed Zuberi, adviser to Education Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, said that they would not allow any school to teach such courses, saying:

“This is not USA or Europe, this is Pakistan and our culture does not allow us to teach these things at school”.

On Thursday, a team of Ministry of Education along with media representation and members of “Parents Action Committee” raided Dawood Public school and after having negotiations with the Principal and Management, decided to:

- Seal Dawood Public School
- Confiscate controversial teaching material, including Science and Islamiat Books
- Instructed the administration to change school timings with respect to Ramadan
- Make Guitar learning classes optional for students.

Education Ministry seal Dawood Public School

Parents demanded the arrest of CEO Sabrina Dawood and ban on male staff to enter girls section, especially the toilets.

Whatever the school administration and parents say and wherever they want their children to study, one thing is clear that all the private schools in the city, in collaboration with the Sindh government, need to clarify their curriculum to the parents and let them decide what they want their children to learn. If they continuously keep their curriculum uncertain such controversies would likely arise. Also, the Education Deparment should play its part and pro-actively monitors the curriculum and activities of schools across Karachi.

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301 Responses to The Controversy Of Sex Education By Dawood Public School Karachi

  1. Mohammad Yusha November 16, 2014 at 1:33 am #

    How many of these parents protesting have actually ever thanked a teacher for the terrific job that they do, on a highly underpaid job? Furthermore, what is actually immoral is the failing grades of students because parents are least bothered about educating their children. On many days, children are missing their lunch boxes, water bottles, notebooks, stationary, etc, and sit with blank faces in classes, while parents do not even remember the last time their opened their child’s bag to check their timetable, books, etc, let alone give their children a couple of hours daily to educate them.

  2. sarah November 12, 2014 at 9:09 pm #

    rofl… which parents are calling ……. education is actually reproduction process which is needed to understand most clearly for students even if you don’t tech them they already know each and every thing in detail so choice is your…. stop being hypocrites Pakistani people you kid already know each and every thing

  3. maham meher February 17, 2014 at 8:20 am #

    It is the favorite occupation of every one to spread rumors which are obviously not true. There is no such thing as MALE staff using girl’s washrooms in my school, and apart from this, I don’t know why people and parents are against sex education in a GIRL’S SCHOOL…..and media only waits for the opportunity or chance to avail so that it can spread controversial news as fast as possible and this only results in advancement of their business……so people on earth, don’t you dare say anything against my school!!!

  4. Tazyeen Anjum October 26, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    Pakistan is *only* an Islamic Republic in papers; not in spirit and action, and children of our nation need to live in the real world we provide them with. When the society is un-islamic, how can the laws and education be Islamic? What will they do with *all that jazz* when their real life issues in the world will be totally different. I am a huge supporter of the implementation of the Shariat, but how can we restrict information from our future generations on the pretext of a largely false interpretation of Islam?

  5. Asad August 24, 2013 at 12:20 am #

    girls should be specially be taught about sex and that they have the right over their body and making decisions in their lives. I do not understand how this is wrong or in anyway a sign of “fahashat”! This is because parents in our society are always going to tell their daughters to cover up and blame them if they suffer from any kind of harassment, but the mother of a boy would appreciate her son’s behaviour as a sign of masculinity and the fact that he is entering adulthood. Why can’t these mothers teach their sons how to treat women in the first place!

    on the other hand, this school is doing a better job than the thousands of madressahs churning out one taliban after the other all set to blow themselves up amongst us. and also, compared to government schools, or even the ummat newspaper which has had a history of creating controversy and spreading lies

  6. sajid June 8, 2013 at 1:21 am #

    OooPs…. this should not be tolerated in any conditions. Government should must take actions against this.

    But Government should also think that these girls will grow up and they will have responsibilities in their real life. So Government should must create some topics like Birth Control, Child and Mother Health, Child Education etc in higher classes .

  7. Amber July 24, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    When all those modernization and westernization is surrounding our youths from all directions, the topic of Sex Education taught in school is not wrong.

    Coming out of age, today’s movies are more inclined towards blue-prints then the ones in 80s and 90s era.

    If the school is planning to teach ways to say no to sex then and only then it is OK to be taught in school BUT ONLY TO HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 9 AND 10). The School Management SHOULD make sure that students are NOT involving themselves in any illicit activities which youngster do get into UK. [I am sure the CEO knows what i am highlighting at and will definitely work towards the security of students].

  8. Saeeduddin May 17, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

    This is a most conservative type of group, same who declared English learning as KUFR and declaring those to learn English as KAFIR. By virtue of such attitude Subcontinent Muslim Ummah sufferred a lot and Hindus are now at dominating position. Had Sir Syed Ahmed Khan not taken the initiative, Muslim would place no where.
    Confusion of sex information always remain in every child’s mind and banning/blacking out such information does not help ease confusion. Everybody knows in his childhood there are always so many questions in innocent minds and non-reply to such questions hurts badly to build a confused personality. Dawood School should be buckup and supported for providing enlightened education.


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