Taliban’s Advances

The Taliban can “raise a lot of dust” but Arghandab will not fall to them because they cannot hold ground for lack of Afghan popular support, the US ambassador to Kabul predicted in the media reports.

For the last couple of weeks, the activism of the Taliban have increased considerably, and they are inflicting heavy losses on the US-led NATO forces. These forces have become wary of the Taliban, and after having left with no choice and hope for wiping them over, they are indulging in a blame game over the Pakistani forces.

Now as the Afghan puppet President Hamid Karzai whines about the Taliban supremacy in Afghanistan and the popular support they enjoy, Hamid Karzai has started threatening Pakistan, and in his that nefarious stride to defame Pakistan he has even blamed the security forces of the Pakistan.

George W. Bush, who wants to bag something before he gets lost in the dark annals of the history has also endorsed the Karzai statement but amidst all that the advances of Taliban in the battleground have choked the high-tech gadgetry of the US forces. Now as the Talibans are about to take the control of Arghandab province, the US forces are dumbfounded.

Due to their control over world media, US doesn’t let the world know about the real situation on the field, the thing is that Talibans are really giving an extreme tough time to the US forces.

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